Governance Cooperative Capacity Map. Publication version

The Capacity Map documents expertise available in Canada on diverse governance themes and includes a concept paper by the Parliamentary Centre entitled “The Ecology of Governance”; a series of maps illustrating examples of thematic and geographic areas of activity; profiles of the organizations documented; and a bibliography.

The Citizen Engagement Round Table: Technology, Democracy, and the Development of Public Policy

Part of the Citizen Engagement Round Table Series. Roberto Gualtieri, former ADM Science & Technology at Industry Canada reports on his recent survey of European and North American countries which investigated the impact of technology on various players in the policy process. The summary report focusses on how the relationship between citizens and their governments is changing.

The Citizen Engagement Round Table: Media and Citizen Engagement – Civic Journalism

Part of the Citizen Engagement Round Table Series. Peter Calamai (Ottawa Citizen), Peter Kent (Global TV) and Art Charity explore the objectives of the civic journalism movement in Canada and how these contrast with those of conventional media. The discussion focusses on how citizens can be involved more deeply in public policy issues through the media.

The Citizen Engagement Round Table: Revitalizing the Political Process

Part of the Citizen Engagement Round Table Series. Three MPs–Philippe Paré (BQ), Monte Solberg (Reform) and Paddy Torsney (Liberal) — and University Professor Sharon Sutherland discuss the current state of Westminster government. This session led to the occasional paper by Dr. Sutherland also published by the Institute.

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