Case Study: The Governance Continuum and the Canadian Wheat Board: 1965-2017

The purpose of this study is to analyze the changes across the Canadian Wheat Board’s three governance periods using an autonomy index developed by the IOG and comparatively map these results along the IOG’s Governance Continuum. The study supports the expectation that the level of autonomy accorded to an organization will be calibrated to organizational function.


About the Authors

  • Tim Gauthier

    Tim Gauthier

    Director, Research

    Tim Gauthier has over 5 experience in knowledge gathering and qualitative research with various clients in the not-for-profit sector and of all levels of government in the knowledge areas of board and organizational governance, organizational effectiveness, public sector governance and indigenous governance. He has undertaken work for clients such as Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada,  The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Champlain Local Health and Integration Network, and the National Aboriginal Capital Corporations Association, providing advisory  services such as  facilitated workshops, board assessments, comparative research and case studies, document reviews, and stakeholder interviews.

    In his time as  Governance Analyst at the Royal  College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, Tim was responsible for providing high-quality  analytical  and advisory services for the overall health of the organization’s governance ecosystem. Tim led several initiatives that called for extensive collaboration with stakeholders, including  a subsidiary governance strategic review, a board and committee orientation and education.

    Among other initiatives, Tim is currently focused on  the IOG’s Indigenous research efforts.

    • 613-562-0090 ext. 233
  • Karl Salgo

    Karl Salgo

    Executive Director - Public Governance

    Karl heads the Public Governance Exchange(PGEx), the IOG’s multi-jurisdictional program of applied research and knowledge exchange on public sector governance.

    A career public servant, Karl has degrees in political science, history and law from the University of Toronto and in public administration from the Queen’s University School of Policy Studies.  He worked for many years in the federal Department of Finance, in areas as diverse as tax policy, communications and financial markets.  In the latter capacity, Karl helped to establish the governance framework for the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, and later served as Chief of Capital Markets Policy.

    From 2004 to 2012, Karl worked in the Privy Council Office’s Machinery of Government Secretariat, where he provided advice to the Clerk of the Privy Council and the Prime Minister on the organization and structure of the Government of Canada – the Cabinet, portfolios, and the creation, winding-up and governance of individual organizations.

    As Director of Strategic Policy from 2007 to 2012, Karl was the secretariat’s lead authority on Crown corporation governance, the conventions of the Westminster system, and the conduct standards applicable to ministers and other senior public office holders.  Karl was the author/editor of numerous PCO publications, including Accountable Government: A Guide for Ministers and Ministers of State and Guidance for Deputy Ministers.  Actively involved in realizing the myriad governance and accountability changes that flowed from the Federal Accountability Act, Karl played a lead role in the design and implementation of the accounting officer mechanism of deputy minister accountability.

    • 613-562-0090 ext. 239

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