Public Governance Survey 2016

Canadian Public Opinion on Governance 2016


Do Canadians have confidence in their governing institutions? Is the public onside with fundamental changes like electoral reform? Do we trust our government? The Institute on Governance has partnered with the Environics Institute for Survey Research to gauge Canadians’ attitudes to public institutions in 2016. 

Our questions sought answers from the public on some of the most pressing issues of public governance facing Canada today, including trust in government, democratic reform, the future of the Senate, the role of Indigenous peoples in the Canadian federation, the place of digital culture in transforming public institutions, and the rise of the sharing economy.

This is the second in a series of surveys on public governance conducted by the Environics Institute and the Institute on Governance, and some of the questions on the first survey (November 2014) were repeated on this one to identify how opinions may have changed over time.

The survey was administered online, February 1-10, 2016, to a representative sample of 2,000 Canadians aged 18 or over, and was weighted by region, age and gender.

Click here to read the full report on the Environics Institute’s site.

Read our blog post on the survey here.

Read the Ottawa Citizen’s analysis of the survey here:

Kathryn May, ‘The Trudeau effect? Canadians’ trust in government rising’, Sept 6, 2016

Kathryn May, ‘Canadians lack faith in upper ranks of public service: survey’, Sept 7, 2016

Kathryn May, ‘Canadians open to quotas to boos indigenous representation in government’, Sept 9, 2016

Kathryn May, ‘Canadians want electoral reform but don’t know how’, Sept 18, 2016

An editorial from the Ottawa Citizen on some of the survey findings can be found here: ‘Editorial: Steer clear of parliamentary quotas’, Sept 8, 2016.

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