Steve Tierney

Executive Director - Modernizing Governance

Steve Tierney is Executive Director – Modernizing Governance at the Institute on Governance. He has spent over 20 years in leadership positions for the federal government of Canada. His last position was Assistant Deputy Minister, Markets and Industry Services Branch at Agriculture Canada, a position he held between 2009 and 2012. A major focus of his work at Agriculture Canada was establishing new governance arrangements with other departments to more efficiently and effectively resolve agriculture trade issues with other national governments.

Previous to this, he was Assistant Deputy Minister, Human Resources at Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada where he led the design and implementation of a number of changes to human resources management, including in the area of staffing, executive performance, and tracking and reporting systems that were recognized as best practices and are now being used in a number of departments.

He also has taken the role of Director General of the Aboriginal Policy and Program Branch at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and spent 20 years for the Department of Finance, working on issues in the energy policy, federal-provincial-territorial relations and tax policy areas. He led the design and implementation of a number of innovative policy and program changes, including working with First Nations and provinces to establish the first First Nation Sales Tax arrangements, working with industry stakeholders and US officials to put in place the processes needed for the federal government to begin raising tobacco taxes in the late 1990s, and working with provinces and territories and other federal departments to reform provincial personal income taxation.

Mr. Tierney has successfully found and implemented innovative solutions to longstanding issues in a broad spectrum of policy and program areas. He has found that success is almost always tied to the strength and appropriateness of the governance model chosen.

Steve has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mathematics and Economics from York University and a Masters of Economics from the University of British Columbia.

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