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Your organization has a team of science professionals to support the policy process. You need the right tools to ensure the relevance, impact and quality of your related activities, their outputs and the intended outcomes. You want science-based products and services to contribute to the plans, priorities and policy / regulatory advice of your organization as well as the resulting performance reports. You want to be a strong science leader, by being the best at what you do, and by working with an engaged and empowered staff that effectively bridge the science/policy divide.

Advances in science and innovation have become essential to the economic and social well-being of developed countries. In the interest of Canadians, the federal and provincial governments carry out S&T activities to support policy-making and regulation, economic and social development, and services and programs.

Our program components will set your team up to be leaders in:

  • Using science to support evidence-based regulations and policy;
  • Pursuing new knowledge and effective mobilization of that knowledge;
  • Developing and ensuring the uptake of new tools and new technologies;
  • Measuring and communicating the relevance, quality and impact of your science related activities and
  • Adopting GovScience 4.0: open government, open science, open innovation, big data, citizen science, etc.

The Science in Government Policy Program

In response to these issues, and under the direction of our Learning Committee of senior federal government public servants, the IOG has developed a suite of seven courses/events targeted to meet your specific needs.

Those of us who have prepared and teach these courses understand the world you work in. We have held senior policy and science positions in either the Ontario, the federal government, or both, and have collectively led, lived through and survived many transformation and change management exercises, including those in the fields of science and technology.

Each course can be taken as a stand-alone course. However, we have designed this program as a curriculum ladder that allows you to target your training needs at the correct level for yourself and your team, and to move progressively through more advanced training in science-policy:

  1. Science in Government 101 – An introduction to Science & Policy in government: This 1-day course will introduce participants, particularly those new to the public service, to the fundamentals of how decisions are made in government, how priorities are established, and how science in government contributes to this. We explore the role of science in government in its many forms.
  2. Science in Government 201 – Essentials of Science Policy: This 2-day course builds on the work done by the ADM Integration Board and Natural Resources Canada on the importance of, and issues surrounding, science, technology and regulatory policy in the Government of Canada. It provides participants with a greater understanding of the role of government scientists, the policy advice function, and how best to navigate the decision-making process.
  3. Science in Government 301 – Intermediate Science Policy: This 2-day course is an extension of the Essentials of Science Policy course with greater participant engagement in applying the fundamentals to science strategy development and science policy advice. It is recommended that participants take “Science in Government 201: Essentials of Science Policy” first.
  4. Topical Roundtables: 1-day workshops tailored to particular organizations or functional groups to provide a deeper dive on a particular science policy topic (e.g., performance, international science, citizen science, foresight, IP/open innovation).
  5. Leadership Boot Camps for Science/Policy Professionals: This 2-day Boot Camp is specifically created for federal public servants at the EX-1, EX-1 or equivalent level who work in science departments or agencies and who want to learn how to have more impact in a changing environment while preparing themselves for future leadership positions.
  6. Executive Leadership Program – Science/Policy Cohort: A year-long leadership development program with a science-policy lens. This program has a proven track record of preparing leaders to actively contribute to major transformation and employee management while meeting the on-going challenges of a fast-paced working environment. It equips them with key insights and expertise at a critical time, both for the public service and in their own careers, thus establishing a stronger foundation for future leadership challenges. (Next offering to be determined).
  7. Senior Executive Science/Policy Roundtables: Dinner speaker/discussion at the ADM and DM level on science, technology, regulatory and innovation policy topics with a view to how they see their science investments and what they expect from them. What is the return on a science investment from the viewpoint of the most senior leaders in government? (Next roundtable to be announced).


Fees vary for each course offering. There will be no cost for the roundtables.

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Discounts are available for multiple participants and/or if you choose to bundle the courses. Customized course offerings can be delivered on request for branches, teams or groups, in English or French, in any part of the country. Contact Toby Fyfe at or at 613-562-0090 x242.

The IOG value-added

All IOG courses are prepared and taught by those who have held senior positions in the federal government. They are guided by a Learning Committee of senior federal government public servants.

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