Toronto Inter-Jurisdictional Executive Leadership Program launched in October

Inter-Jurisdictional Executive Leadership Program, Toronto

The Institute on Governance is launching a unique Inter-Jurisdictional Executive Leadership Program for leaders and managers in the GTA who work in either the municipal, provincial and federal spheres.

The IOG Inter-Jurisdictional Executive Leadership Program is for committed public service managers and executives who want to improve their leadership competencies and skills in order to function more effectively in an inter-governmental environment.

Program at-a-glance
Candidates Managers/executives at the federal, provincial and municipal levels
Format 1 evening and 1 day a month; project activity between sessions
Duration 9 months, starting October 18, 2016
Location IOG office, 150 Bloor St. W., Toronto
Cost $10,000 (not HST)
Registration deadline September 15, 2016

The value proposition

In an increasingly interdependent world, issues and files are no longer black and white. While clearly specific jurisdictional roles exist, the challenges facing regional leaders require collaboration, if not outright coordination, between all three levels of government.

Leaders working in this grey zone need practical collaborative skills, resilience and the ability to manage through ambiguity so as to create working relationships to address socio-economic issues.

The IOG Inter-Jurisdictional Executive Leadership Program will provide strong foundational capabilities, as well as build institutional capacity, by providing leaders with the tools to manage in the new and evolving inter-jurisdictional, inter-sectoral and interdependent world.

Program outcomes

Participants attending the IOG Inter-Jurisdictional Executive Leadership Program will:

  1. Gain an enhanced understanding of governance across jurisdictions.
  2. Experience coordinated problem-solving of complex issues with partners in other levels of government.
  3. Develop a concrete network of contacts crossing government boundaries.
  4. Create a personal portfolio of leadership resources.

Program details

Participants from the three levels of government will meet in Toronto at 150 Bloor St. West for one evening and day a month over the 9-month period starting October 18, 2016. There will be a 2-day session at the beginning and closing of the program.

Each month, on-line material including readings, case material, and discussion points, will be offered via the course learning management system. Participants will have the opportunity to review background material, apply it, and discuss their approaches with team members from other levels of government, contributing to, and learning about, an evolving inter-jurisdictional perspective.

Special Inter-Jurisdictional Collaborative Project

A unique aspect of the program is a shared real-life complex project in which participants from the program are divided into inter-jurisdictional groups, including the federal government, the Ontario government, and the city of Toronto.

Over the nine months, each group will develop an implementable action plan for either a social or economic policy challenge important to all jurisdictions.

There will be specific assignments throughout the year leading toward a final presentation to leaders at all three levels of government.

Criteria for participation

Participants in the IOG Inter-Jurisdictional Executive Leadership Program should:

  • Have at least 2 years of supervisory experience in either the federal, provincial or municipal sector
  • Obtain the organization’s willingness to sponsor the tuition.


The cost for this 9-month program is just $10,000. As a not-for-profit, the IOG does not charge HST.

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