Indigenous Governance

Indigenous Governance

Forging new partnerships

Sound governance is a prerequisite for the rapid improvement of the wellbeing of Indigenous communities and citizens. Our work in this area helps Indigenous communities and organizations formulate effective governance structures that meet their needs, suit their capacities and achieve their vision. It is informed by our wealth of experience working with Indigenous communities and organizations, and with all relevant levels of government throughout the country.

Access leading expertise through our advisory services

Our highly experienced team of consultants  has over 20 years experience exploring and developing innovative approaches to responsible and responsive Indigenous governance and leadership in Canada and abroad. We have worked sector-wide in public, private and not-for-profit institutions and bring a full network of expert resources to everything we do.

Our advisory work addresses your specific needs

Our approach takes account of your particular objectives, history, stakeholders, personalities and culture and is underpinned by our extensive research in all areas of governance. We can help your public sector organizations by:

  • Building relationships with Indigenous peoples to better understand systemic barriers
  • Designing and facilitating multi-stakeholder meetings to suit your unique needs
  • Conducting research, engaging stakeholders and developing strategy
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of your governance systems by conducting governance assessments that address their complexity and resolve any conflicting interests

We can help your Indigenous community and/or organizations by:

  • Building effective governance structures that meet your needs, suit your capacities and help you achieve your vision
  • Developing governance tools, including bylaws, policies and community constitutions
  • Conducting customized training, facilitation and moderated workshops and retreats
  • Supporting strategy development and strategic planning through in depth analysis and expert facilitation
  • Conducting policy research, bolstering your policy capacity and providing strategic advice
  • Engaging your stakeholders in issue specific dialogue that help inform your decision making processes

We can act as trusted an effective intermediary between the private sector, the public sector and Indigenous communities, organizations and governments by:

  • Building effective relationships and partnerships that produce outcomes that are acceptable to all stakeholders
  • Educating partners on the Duty to Consult and the Duty to Accommodate
  • Providing strategic advice on ‘Whole of government’ approaches
  • Community engagement an communications
  • Partnering in policy development and service delivery
Access leading expertise through our learning products

We have developed a wide range of learning products that give you the knowledge and tools you need to be successful in an environment where change is the only constant.

Customize your learning experience

We can customize our course content to meet the unique needs of your organization or institution. Our custom courses couple practical exercises with our research, our experience, and action-oriented case studies to provide you with actionable insights and practical tools that enhance your learning experience and inspire you to lead transformative change. Contact us for more information on our custom courses.

Access leading expertise through our research

The IOG’s Indigenous Research Agenda is both multi-year and multidisciplinary. It pursues evidence-based solutions and modern approaches to governance to provide practical direction to those looking to close the gap between Canada’s Indigenous and non-Indigenous populations. Our research topics in this area are determined on the basis of timely, relevant subject matters and key governance issues that have emerged from Indigenous client groups, government priorities and public dialogue symposiums.

Our research agenda and its subjects are vetted by “Thought Leaders” who represent key stakeholders from Indigenous communities and institutions, practitioners, public sector and academia. It is driven by multi- stakeholder working groups and supported through mutually beneficial partnerships with stakeholders by means of financial contributions, participation in working groups and direct and indirect academic partnerships (e.g. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC).

Support leading expertise in Indigenous research

Our current research focus is on wealth creation in the resource development sector.

Future areas of study include: data driven indigenous governance, citizenship, aggregation, and community-based self-government and Indigenous governance for community wellness. Contact us for more information on our Indigenous research agenda.

Our virtuous circle of research, advisory and learning

Our leading expertise is rooted in the balanced growth of our research, advisory and learning activities. This “virtuous circle” means that you benefit from a strong applied research focus that strengthens our ability to provide advisory services and informs our learning products; advisory services that shape our research and leverage our learning programs; and learning products that are based on evidence and experience.

Our virtuous circle in action

BC First Nations Health Authority

We have been working with the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) since 2013, guiding them through unchartered governance territory, as they strive to transform the planning, designing, managing and funding of the delivery of health programs and services for BC First Nations. Using our expert advisory services, we worked to analyze and improve processes and structures and develop a strategic plan. Our continued efforts help the FNHA achieve its mandate and supports it unique governance structure. Our practice-based insights and analytical tools developed through the Public Governance Exchange (PGEx), such as the Governance Continuum, helped promote better understanding of their governance challenges. Strong governance leads to better outcomes and our work has been critical in increasing the efficacy of FNHA governance structures.

Our work with the FNHA on governance has informed our leading expertise in Indigenous governance and has also helped us work with other health delivery organizations on governance related issues.

British Columbia Treaty Commission

We undertook a series of symposiums focused on Section 35 of the Constitution during 2012 and 2013 with the British Columbia Treaty Commission in an effort to encourage constructive public dialogue regarding contemporary Canadian Indigenous issues. Since much of the public discourse surrounding Section 35 centred on legal ramifications, our work sought to elevate the discussion beyond simply the legal implications and draw greater attention to where research has lagged: the practical hallmarks of Indigenous self-government and implementation.

While the immediate aim of the symposium series was to provide the various stakeholders with a more holistic view of governance successes and challenges, the symposium also informed our applied research agenda. Ultimately, this has lead to an increased capacity to deliver advisory services in the complex and evolving environment of Aboriginal-Canadian relationships.

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