The Return on Investment in Team: Return on investment analysis framework, indicators and data for interprofessional care and interprofessional education in health

Auteurs: Eddy Nason

The Health and Education Task Force (HETF), a task force of the F/P/T Advisory Committee on Health Development and Human Resources (ACHDHR), engaged the IOG to develop a ROI analysis framework to assess Interprofessional Care (IPC) and Interprofessional Education (IPE). This framework would provide the evidence to support a business case and pan-Canadian policy development approach for team-based health care and education. The IOG analyzed existing approaches to return on investment (ROI) in health care and education and interviewed key stakeholders from health, education, government, academia and health economics. With this information the IOG developed a tailored ROI framework for Canadian IPC and IPE, populated the framework with recommended indicators and their potential data sources. This report and the framework were presented by the IOG to ACHDHR as the approach to take to developing a compelling business case to improve policy decisions on when and where to use IPC and IPE, as well as what outcomes to expect from them. The approach is also gaining momentum amongst provincial and federal policy makers, and academics engaged in IPC and IPE.


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