We’ve redesigned

Our newly designed site is now here thanks to the fine folks at OAK, a few late nights and copious amounts of caffeine. While our previous site has served us well over the years, we felt the site was beginning to look tired and dated and that change was in order.

Our old site

Out with the old

New site

In with the new

We’ve cleaned up and simplified the design, highlighted our areas of work and completely restructured the architecture which should hopefully translate into a smoother navigating experience for you.  Items like our courses and publications are now much easier to reach and to browse.  We’ve also added a section to highlight upcoming events that we are hosting like our 2012 Modern Makers event. Our business lines should give you a taste about the kind of work we do, and the experience of working with the IOG.

We hope you like the new site.  If you do have any feedback (good, bad or anything in between), don’t be shy to drop us a line.


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