Presenting the inaugural Annual James Fleck Lecture on Modernizing Government

The Institute on Governance (IOG) is proud to celebrate its 20th anniversary at the centre of the exploration, development and promotion of the principles, standards and practices which underlie good governance in the public sphere, both in Canada and abroad.

In honour of this anniversary, and in light of a perfect storm of technological, economic and demographic change underway around the globe, the IOG is honoured to share with you the Fleck Program on Modernizing Government, named in honour of Dr. James D. Fleck, one of Canada’s most successful and thoughtful business and government leaders.

The IOG launched this initiative with the first Annual James Fleck Lecture on Modernizing Government that took place on October 19th2010 at the Rotman School of Management in Toronto. You can view the full Fleck Lecture above.

James Fleck is well known to many but his contributions to Canadian society have touched most, if not all, Canadians. Entrepreneur, academic, civil servant, and philanthropist, Dr. Fleck has spent much of his career focused on how business and government can collaborate to develop innovative solutions to an ever-evolving array of business and societal challenges.

Dr. Fleck’s perspective is shaped by numerous leadership roles across both the public and private sectors. He is the founder of Fleck Manufacturing, one of Canada’s most successful automotive industry start-ups before its sale in 1994, a now-retired faculty member from the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management and Harvard Business School, and former Deputy Minister of Industry and Tourism for the Ontario Government.

In 1970, Dr. Fleck led the Ontario Government’s Committee on Government Productivity, an innovative study of how business, government and civil society could work together to produce greater societal outcomes.

Now, at the 40th anniversary of this report and with a rapidly changing economic, social and technological environment, it is once again time to re-examine the subject of how we deliver services to the citizens of Ontario and Canada.

Providing what citizens and businesses expect in this new environment goes beyond the competencies and capacities of traditional governance and bureaucratic practice. Collaboration between government, the private sector, and increasingly with individual citizens, will be the hallmark of the design and delivery of 21st century government.

The Fleck Program on Modernizing Government will build on the IOGs reputation of research excellence, and will conduct ongoing research on the topic of modernizing government and governance, as well as the dialogue that surrounds them, in an age of collaboration and partnership.


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