Improving Canada’s Digital Advantage: Achieving Prosperity Through Leadership

The Institute On Governance is pleased to submit its response to the Digital Advantage consultation. In an era of ubiquitous computing, and, as a small, open economy subject to immense global forces, Canada must take bold measures to secure its economic, social and digital advantage and its very future as a nation. This is no less than a strategic inflection point in Canada’s history, much as the World War era was a period of immense creativity, of technological, scientific and social advancement for the country. We must seize the opportunity inherent in the digital economy to mobilize our strengths and to capture the new economic and governance value created by innovating in a digital universe. The equivalent of the tribal campfire is being revisited on a global scale, aided by digital networks in the global commons and high-trust agents operating in human networks. The move from ‘machinery of government’ to modern governance as biology is occurring as we disrupt the present in the service of the future, to increase productivity, competitiveness and civic participation in the global economy and digital society. The Government can create innovation force fields with digital economy measures to ensure that citizens, SMEs, innovators, investors, governments, institutions, global networks, communities and architects of the future can take the steps needed to succeed in the next wave of technological advancement. The IOG is pleased to partner with the Government of Canada in this modern governance dialogue for reinvention of the public space, as a catalyst for change, renewal, and the reinvention of ‘governance as leadership’ in this century. We must spend our imagination, not just our money, as we seek to create sustained prosperity for Canada.

Click here to read the IOG response to the Government of Canada’s Consultation Paper on a Digital Economy Strategy for Canada.


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