L’Institut souhaite la bienvenue à sa nouvelle cohorte du Programme de leadership exécutif

Auteurs: Toby Fyfe

Lundi le 23 novembre, l’Institut a accueilli 15 nouveaux participants pour le lancement de la douzième cohorte de son Programme de leadership exécutif. Au cours de ce programme d’une durée d’un an, ces cadres du gouvernement fédéral vont se concentrer sur leur développement en tant que leaders au sein de la fonction publique dans le contexte d’un nouveau gouvernement. Ceci sera fait en explorant le nouvel environnement numérique dans lequel nous nous trouvons et ses impacts sur le gouvernement, en… Lisez plus

IOG recruiting for its Fall Executive Leadership Program cohort

Auteurs: Toby Fyfe

The IOG is launching the 12th cohort of its successful Executive Leadership Program (ELP) on November 23, 2015. Since its inception in 2011, over 160 participants from 31 departments and agencies have taken advantage of this unique and comprehensive opportunity to both strengthen their personal skills and support the building of a strong public service of the future. The Clerk of the Privy Council, Janice Charette, has said that preparing for a changing public service is her priority. During this… Lisez plus

IOG partners with Dalhousie University to deliver innovative board governance training

Auteurs: Laura Edgar

The Institute on Governance is partnering with Dalhousie University to bring a unique national program designed to assist executive directors, board chairs and other board members deepen their understanding and practice of governance as the exercise of leadership inside and outside the boardroom. Improving Non-Profit Governance involves peer learning, coaching, and the application of ideas from a wide range of learning resources and tools supplied. The philosophy of the program is that organizational governance involves a variety of functions and structures. Boards are… Lisez plus

IOG recruiting for next cohort of its successful Executive Leadership Program

Auteurs: Toby Fyfe

The IOG is launching the 10th cohort of its successful Executive Leadership Program on March 23, 2015. Since its inception in 2011, over 125 participants from 31 departments and agencies have availed themselves of this unique and comprehensive developmental opportunity. During this year-long program, participants are given the skills and competencies to be leaders in the public service of the future. Wayne Wouters, former Clerk of the Privy Council, fully supported this program saying: “Congratulations to IOG on its Executive… Lisez plus

An essential first step to launching Canada into the 21st century

Auteurs: Maryantonett Flumian

On December 25th Eugene Lang, BMO Visiting Fellow and Interim Co-Director, Glendon School of Public and International Affairs, York University, wrote an Op-Ed in the Toronto Star calling for new thinking to meet Canada’s challenges. Below the Institute on Governance‘s (IOG) President, Maryantonett Flumian responds to that call and puts it in the broader context of the partnerships digital governance activities.  I am writing to applaud Eugene Lang’s Dec. 25th call for a national commission on the future of policy and governance… Lisez plus

IOG and Environics Institute research generates healthy debates across the country

Auteurs: Institute on Governance

In 2014, the IOG partnered with the Environics Institute to conduct a landmark national public opinion survey on governance and the public service. Our goal was to better understand what the public expects from governments, and how well citizens believe their country, province and local municipality are governed. The results of the research were originally released in late December in a series of in-depth articles written by Ottawa Citizen journalist Kathryn May and subsequently published in several national newspapers. The… Lisez plus

Towards Reconciliation Videos on CPAC

Auteurs: Brad Greyeyes-Brant, Dustin Munroe

The IOG hosted the Towards Reconciliation symposium on October 15-16 in Toronto in order to revisit where Indigenous governance is heading in light of the upcoming 20th anniversary of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples (RCAP) report. Towards Reconciliation brought together key stakeholders from Indigenous communities, institutions, the public sector, and academia. Discussions were focused on three key themes: Nation re-building: restructuring the relationship Economic empowerment, lands, resources, wealth creation and redistribution Closing the economic and social gaps The Cable… Lisez plus

IOG Salutes Canada’s First Prime Minister

Auteurs: Karl Salgo

  Sunday January 11th, 2015 will mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of Sir John Alexander Macdonald, Canada’s first prime minister and the single most important founder of our country. We often hear that we Canadians do not celebrate our history and have a tendency to deprecate our leaders. We hear this because it’s at least partly true, and our first prime minister is a case in point. He and his partner in Confederation, Sir George-Etienne Cartier, have a… Lisez plus

Defining Westminster Democracy for the Digital Era

Auteurs: Davide Cargnello

Canada is evolving: government must do the same… Westminster parliamentary democracies like Canada’s are widely credited with a high capacity to adapt to changing societal needs. Their ability to adapt to the realities of a digital society is putting this claim to the test in Canada. Westminster was not designed with the digital era in mind. As we like to put it at the Institute on Governance, “Two forces – digital and governance – are meeting like tectonic plates, shifting… Lisez plus

IOG Supports Indonesian University Leaders

Auteurs: Maria Habanikova

The Institute on Governance proudly delivered a 5-day intensive learning program on governance and leadership in early December to senior leaders from Indonesian universities and the Government of the Republic of Indonesia as a part of a broader four-week course that took the group across Canada. Participants learned about Canadian models of, and approaches to, governance, management and leadership in Canadian universities and benefited from site visits and meetings that gave them direct access to Canadian approaches in practice. These… Lisez plus

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