Transition: Preparing for the New Government

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Transition: Preparing for the New Government

This one-day course is a comprehensive review of the public service transition process. There will be a new mandate on October 19, and as a public servant you need to understand the aims of the transition process as well as your roles and responsibilities.

Why this course?   

Our Westminster system is unique in the role the public service plays in preparing a government for its new mandate. As Janice Charette, Clerk of the Privy Council has said: “(Transition) is one of the defining features of our Westminster system; a non-partisan professional public service is an integral part of our system because we have to be ready to serve an incoming government, whoever is democratically elected by the people of Canada. We have to be in a position to give them advice and support at the same level and the same quality, no matter who it is.’

Who should participate in the course?

This course is designed for any public servant in the policy, program or internal service areas who wants to understand their roles and responsibilities through the transition process, and who is looking for strategies and tools to respond to issues that arise.

Participants will

  • Understand the four phases of the transition process, and the role of the public service plays in each one.
  • Know how to scope briefing materials for a new or a returning government or Minister.
  • Learn about their responsibilities and roles.
  • Have the tools to assess and the strategies to respond to the administrative, policy and HR issues that can arise during the transition period.

Course fee

The cost of this course is $890 (no HST) per person. The price includes expert facilitation, course materials, morning and afternoon coffee, and a buffet lunch. Registration is done through an online registration system where you can pay by credit card or request an invoice.

Course leader

This unique and timely course has been prepared and will be delivered by Sylvain Dubois. Sylvain was Director of operations at the Machinery of Government Secretariat in the Privy Council Office. He was also Deputy Chief Electoral Officer responsible for the political financing regulatory program.

The IOG value-added

All IOG courses are prepared and taught by those who have held senior positions in the federal government. They are guided by a Learning Committee of senior federal government public servants.

Customized offering and discounts

For those who wish to have an adapted course on transitions for their department, a customized course offering can be delivered on request for branches, teams or groups, in English or French, in any part of the country.

We also offer discounts for departments who want to send three or more participants.

For more information about customized courses and discounts, contact Toby Fyfe at or at 613-562-0090 x242 for details.



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