How Government Works: Toronto Workshop

Event Type: Course

This one-day program is designed for stakeholders, not-for-profit and private sector organisations who want to influence federal or provincial policy-making and program development.

Who should participate in this workshop?

Individuals in organisations that interact with federal or provincial governments will find this a critical introduction to the mechanisms, thinking and practices of the public sector. Participants will gain a solid understanding of how the system’s checks and balances and incentives are set up, the distinct roles of Ministers and officials in making decisions, and how stakeholders, not-for-profit and private sector organisations that can effectively be heard and positively responded to. It will be useful to those entering the public and government affairs sector in gaining insights into possible strategies for approaching public service decision-makers.

At the end of this session, participants will understand

  • How our system’s structure and conventions determine the roles and behaviour of the major players.
  • How to successfully navigate the system in order to find and influence the right decision-makers.
  • How to frame issues in order to get them considered by decision-makers and governments.
  • How federal and provincial governments interact, and when this is important to resolving issues satisfactorily.

What can you expect

The workshop is delivered by seasoned practitioners who have worked inside government. It will use use practical exercises and real-world case studies as well as interactive discussions and exercises to illustrate the core ideas.

Why knowledge of government is needed

Governments know that they need to work more closely with stakeholders, not-for-profit and private sector organisations to achieve their goals. Yet these organisations often approach Ministers of federal departments or provincial ministries with an issue, get a polite response and then are left to wonder where and when there will be action. Getting further is not easy, but with the right information government can be accessible and persuadable. In the modern digitized and informationally anarchic public environment, there will be need for business and governments to develop strong mutual understanding of their governance challenges and issues.

Workshop fee

The cost of this one-day workshop is just $890 per person. As a not-for-profit, the IOG does NOT charge HST. The price includes expert facilitation, workshop materials, morning and afternoon coffee, and a buffet lunch. Registration is done through an online registration system where you can select to pay by credit card and request an invoice.


The workshop is conveniently held in the IOG’s Toronto offices at 150 Bloor St West, Suite 200 on the corner of Avenue Rd.

The IOG value-added

IOG workshops are prepared and taught by those who have held senior positions in the federal government and reflect the principles of adult learning. They are guided by a Learning Committee of senior federal government public servants.

For those who wish to have an adapted workshop that is specific to their issues and requirements, customized workshop offerings can be delivered on request for teams or groups, in English or French in any part of the country. For more information about customized workshops, contact Toby Fyfe at or at 613 562 0090 x242 for details.

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