Risk Management and Decision Making

Event Type: Course

Interactive Workshop

This one-day interactive workshop provides an in-depth understanding of how you can identify, measure and understand risk in your decision-making processes, and how to build in risk remedies.

Why this workshop is important

When risks are not properly identified and when your work does not incorporate risk remedies, the potential for failure increases impacting efficiency, credibility, and even safety. This workshop will focus on a structured decision process for how to deal with risk issues, including risks associated with “opportunities” in the context of your work in support of your DG’s role and your DM’s accountabilities.

This workshop will provide you with everything you need to know about risk management as a public servant. It provides a detailed overview of a structured risk management decision process based on the Canadian Risk Management Standard.  Emphasis will be on the analysis process, structuring objectives, and on decision-making related to choosing amongst alternative courses of action to deal with risk issues or with opportunities.

Who should participate in this course?
This course is designed for public sector decision-makers responsible for the development of corporate, program or project risk profiles.

Participants will be able to better understand:
•    The level of effort required for effective risk management
•    The need for effective communications
•    The importance of making objectives explicit
•    Tools which support structured decision-making for all issues.

What you can expect
The workshop leader, Jim Wright, is the author of the Canadian Risk Management Standard published by the Canadian Standards Association. He will provide an overview of the Q850 risk management decision process with insight into what the thinking was “behind the words” and will be able to address any questions related to risk management decision-making.

You should leave the workshop with checklists and tools to assist you in addressing risk and decision making related to risk from the perspective of your work.  Through interactive discussions of real-life case studies and experiences, as well as the tools to deal with risk issues, participants will be actively engaged throughout the course.

Course fee
The cost of this course is $890 (no HST) per person. The price includes expert facilitation, course materials, morning and afternoon coffee, and a buffet lunch. Registration is done through an online registration system where you can select to pay by credit card and request an invoice.

The course run from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

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