Delivering “Deliverology” (Results & Delivery)

November 9, 2017 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Registration

January 31, 2018 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Registration

Event Type: Course

The Prime Minister has indicated that his priorities remain “growing the middle class,” “improved relationships with, and outcomes for, Indigenous peoples,” “stronger diversity” and “international engagement that makes a difference in the world”.

Participants will use a unique, IOG-developed 15-step roadmap to prepare their organisation to plan, implement and report based on the expectations of deliverology (delivery and results) and the new Policy on Results.

Why this is important?

Treasury Board’s new Policy on Results came into effect July 1 and reflects the principles, and practice, of Sir Michael Barber’s deliverology as articulated by the Results and Delivery Unit at PCO.

Managers, unit heads and senior analysts will need to get ahead of the game as it unfolds to know what exactly this new model for delivery and results is about, where it fits and – most important – how they can proactively prepare their program to meet the reporting requirements.

Who should participate in this course

Managers, unit heads and senior analysts who want to know what exactly deliverology is about, where they fit in and how they can prepare for its rollout.
Participants will learn about:
•    The principles behind deliverology
•    Potential challenges faced by program units in implementing deliverology
•    Strategies for overcoming those challenges
•    How to assess where they and their organisation fit
•    How to prepare a reporting approach that will meet the requirements of new Policy on Results

Course Fee

The cost of this course is $890 (no HST) per person. The price includes expert facilitation, lunch and course materials. Registration is done through an online registration system where you can select to pay by credit card or request an invoice.

The IOG value-added

The IOG has researched and consulted widely to build up its knowledge and expertise in deliverology.
All IOG courses are prepared and taught by those who have held senior positions in the federal government. They are guided by a Learning Committee of senior federal government public servants.

For those who wish to have an adapted course that is specific to their issues and requirements, customized course offerings can be delivered on request for branches, teams or groups, in English or French in any part of the country.

We also offer discounts if you wish to send more than one person.

For more information, contact Toby Fyfe at or at 613 562-0090 x242.

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