How To Make Innovation Work…and Last

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The IOG is piloting a one-day workshop for leaders in the public service that focuses on how to make innovation work and last in delivering your policy agenda. The pilot builds on the IOG’s experience leading customized “innovation labs” for public sector organizations.


This pilot workshop is being offered on Tuesday March 28. It will explore how to apply innovation to achieve measurable results.  Each participant will develop an action plan for applying innovative ideas and techniques to their policy objectives.

As a pilot, the IOG is offering a discounted price for this workshop:

·       $700 per participant (regular price $890)
·       $600 per participant for two or more participants from your organization
·       $1100 for a two-day bundle of “How to Make Innovation Work and Last” on Tuesday March 28 and “How to Prepare Your Organization for Deliverology (Delivery and Results)” on Wednesday March 29.


·       Innovation in public policy is a priority for the government, to find new policy ideas and effective and efficient tools for policy design and implementation.

·       The PCO Innovation Hub has established a creative space for public servants to explore behavioural economics and other innovative thinking techniques.  Every organization can develop its own creative space.

·       The key is how to turn the creative ideas and suggestions that come out of innovation labs into workable actions and lasting outcomes.


The scope of innovative ideas can be small (changed processes), big (major changes to the design or implementation of a policy) or systemic (major change).  What is needed is:

·       a mindset of encouraging innovative thinking and being open to new ideas;
·       the techniques of running innovation labs; and
·       the ability to carry ideas through to the prototype and testing phases to deliver results.

Each participant will develop an action plan throughout the day, tested through group discussions and exercises, to take innovative ideas forward.

These organizations have held custom innovation workshops through the IOG to explore innovative thinking:

Health Canada             LAC                   PHAC
ESDC                  CMHC             Public Safety
VAC                   ACOA                   Government of Nunavut
Government of Ontario            Government of Yukon

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