Lean for Government

March 22, 2017 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm Registration
March 23, 2017 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
March 24, 2017 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Event Type: Bootcamp

Duration: 2.5 Days

Lean is a “system’ way of thinking with a focus on the customer that is designed to standardize and streamline business processes and eliminate waste. Its suite of tools and methodologies can be applied on a range of initiatives, from targeted improvements to sector or horizontal initiatives.

Who should participate in this course?

This course is for public servants who want to streamline services and program delivery and achieve results that are clear and measureable without having to make significant investments. Participants will learn how to apply Lean tools and methodologies using practical approaches, case studies and simulations.

This course has been uniquely designed for the federal government with a practical and hands-on focus. Participants are strongly encouraged to identify 1-2 areas for improvement that have potential for Lean applications beforehand.

Why Lean for Government is so important:

The Liberal Government’s focus on transparency and results including the Cabinet Committee on Results is increasing expectations for publicly available service standards and quantitative performance metrics that demonstrate “meaningful and measurable impacts” (Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Press Conference, May 4 2016) and informed decision-making. Blueprint 2020 and recent reports of the Advisory Committee on the Public Service have recognized the importance of adopting “Lean” approaches for the federal public sector. To support innovation and performance, the Treasury Board has recently issued a new Policy on Results with a focus on efficiency and economy.

Efficiency and cost savings will continue to be a business and policy imperative for the federal government. Lean methodologies and tools have proven to be highly effective in reducing waste and increasing service and business efficiencies. This course will demonstrate how Lean can be used to achieve better results while managing risks in the public sector context.

Lean for Government is a practical course designed to help advance government-wide and departmental objectives related to transparency, performance and results.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Understand the “system” way of thinking and how Lean tools and methodologies can be applied to reduce wastes in federal programs and services.
  • Characteristics of Rapid Improvement Events and other innovation types.
  • Defining the customer and how to define ‘value’ from a customer perspective in the public sector context.
  • Use Lean tools to Identify bottlenecks and barriers, the 8 different types of waste and government process pitfalls.
  • Select and scope projects and application of Lean tools and techniques for maximum results.
  • Learn the appropriate sequence and timing of Lean tool applications
  • Develop economy and efficiency metrics, what metrics to avoid and tips and tricks for data collection.
  • Implement and sustain initiatives using Lean Charters and visual management techniques.
  • Use Lean to advance government-wide and departmental objectives related to transparency, performance and results.

What you can expect:

The course is delivered by seasoned practitioners who use practical hands-on exercises and real-world examples. To ensure maximum value from the course, participants are encouraged to identify possible areas for improvement that is within their control in advance.

Course Fee:

The cost of the course is $1,500 per person. As a not-for-profit, the IOG does NOT charge HST: The price includes expert facilitation, pre-course consultations, an evening dinner, lunches and course materials. Registration is done through the IOG online registration system (buttons at the top of this page).

Discounts are available should you wish to send more than one person. Please contact Toby Fyfe, Vice-President Learning at or at 613 562-0090 x242.

Advisory services to support implementation of Lean are available at an additional cost.

The IOG Value-Added:

All IOG courses are prepared and taught by those who have held senior positions in the federal government and have relevant subject-matter experience.   They are guided by a Learning Committee of senior federal government public servants.

For those who wish to have a customized course to address specific issues and challenges, the IOG also offers Lean Bootcamps that can be delivered on request for branches, teams or groups.

The IOG also offers a Lean Executive Leadership course which covers the fundamentals of Lean, building a culture of transparency and continuous improvement, supporting Lean performance teams, the Top 10 Lean pitfalls and risks, the best performance metrics to use, Hoshin Kanri and how Lean can be used to link policy and program outcomes to achieve Results, horizontal use of value stream mapping and other Lean tools and development of a Performance Playbook to drive Lean improvements.

For more information about IOG Lean training, or to discuss team discounts, contact Toby Fyfe at 613 562-0090 x242 or at

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