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*The courses for this bundle are being held November 10, November 24 and December 8 as detailed below.

The IOG and its teaching staff of seasoned public servants is offering three key courses as one package this fall to help you navigate the system, build your credibility AND support your career.

The courses focus on the critical elements of government every public servant should know and provide the personal element to help participants hone their survival skills.

Taken individually, each day course costs $890.00.  Participants who register to take all three days conveniently spread out over November and December will pay one set fee of just $1780.00 for a savings of $890.00 – you get one course for free!

The courses offered as a bundle ensure that your game at work will be upped considerably.  They include:

How Government Works – November 10
•    Learn everything you need to know about how really government works, who to talk to and when.

Strengthening your Political Savvy – November 24
•    Learn how to influence decision-makers.

Briefings on Demand – December 8
•    Developing and delivering effective and impressive briefings have been known to make or break a career.  Make sure yours is made.

These courses are intended for anyone in government who wants a better understanding of the world within which they work, to increase their credibility and have a real impact at any meeting table.

Register now…Make a difference.

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