Results and Delivery – Making it Work for Ministers, Canadians and the Public Service

*This event is now sold out* *This event is being held for federal public servants only. The new government expects departments and units within them to support the principles, and practice, of Sir Michael Barber’s deliverology. And Treasury Board has developed a new Results Policy in response. The Institute on Governance (IOG) and the Performance & Planning Exchange (PPX) are getting together to offer a unique one-day Forum and evening dinner for government managers, executives, unit heads and senior analysts… Read more

Towards Reconciliation Symposium

Building on the success of the Institute on Governance’s Beyond Section 35 series, the IOG is launching a new symposium series entitled Towards Reconciliation: the Future of Indigenous Governance this fall in Toronto. This symposium comes at a pivotal period in Canadian history with the approaching twentieth anniversary of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples (RCAP) in 2016, and the 150th anniversary of the British North America Act (now the Constitution Act, 1867) in 2017. Now is the opportune time… Read more

Beyond Section 35: Building Relationships Symposium

CALGARY – Following hot on the heels of the success of the Beyond Section 35 conferences in Ottawa and Vancouver, we are pleased to announce the latest in the series, Building Relationships, coming this fall in Calgary.  The increasing rate of development and resource extraction, coupled with changes in legislation, has highlighted the great need for further consultation and collaboration between indigenous communities, industry and public governments.  Now is the opportune time to build effective relations and devise actionable steps… Read more

Beyond Section 35 Conference – Vancouver

Over three decades have passed since the enactment of Section 35 of the Constitution Act. To commemorate this landmark and to discuss the future of Indigenous governance in Canada, the BC Treaty Commission and New Relationship Trust, working with the Institute on Governance, will convene Indigenous leaders, practitioners, academics and government representatives for a two-day symposium and one-day workshop at the Wosk Centre for Dialogue in Vancouver on February 19th and 20th, 2013. The symposium will broadly look at the evolution of Indigenous-government relations… Read more

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