Project and Program Management: Implementation for Delivery Excellence

The government’s emphasis on Results and Delivery underscores the need for a return to basics in the way in which public servants approach policy and program design and implementation.  Project management is core to achieving the government’s priorities, turning procedural burdens into strategic tools. Public servants need to be systematic and attentive to the stages necessary to design and deliver policies and programs that will make a real difference in the lives of citizens. Participants in this course will learn… Read more

Consultations: Engaging Canadians in Policy and Program Design and Delivery

Engaging Canadians in decision-making is central to the government’s new approach to policy and program development.  In keeping with the Prime Minister’s commitment to open dialogue and public participation over 200 public consultations have been launched since January 2016.  For policy-makers across government the key is to turn public consultations from a procedural burden into a relevant and strategic input to policy development and delivering on outcomes. Participants in this course will learn how to use and leverage public participation… Read more

Lean for Government

Duration: 2.5 Days Lean is a “system’ way of thinking with a focus on the customer that is designed to standardize and streamline business processes and eliminate waste. Its suite of tools and methodologies can be applied on a range of initiatives, from targeted improvements to sector or horizontal initiatives. Who should participate in this course? This course is for public servants who want to streamline services and program delivery and achieve results that are clear and measureable without having… Read more

Retirement: You and Your Money

This course is offered in partnership with the Retirement Planning Academy.                                      Retirement is often a distant issue for some.  However, basic financial planning should be addressed before you get close to retirement. Do you understand the benefits of your pension plan? How much money do you need to retire and maintain your standard of living? What is a good age to retire? Can you buy back service and will it increase your pension earnings? Every Government of Canada employee… Read more

Retirement: Adventure or Misadventure?

This course is offered in partnership with the Retirement Planning Academy.                                      A full day of reflection on what life is all about once you retire from the workforce and how to best approach each phase of this crucial part of your life. Discussions of what retirement truly is and how to confront the many challenges that you will have to face over the period. The leader will guide you through a fascinating and very realistic breakdown of each phase… Read more

How to prepare your organisation for deliverology (delivery & results)

The Prime Minister has indicated that his priorities remain “growing the middle class,” “improved relationships with, and outcomes for, Indigenous peoples,” “stronger diversity” and “international engagement that makes a difference in the world”. Participants will use a unique, IOG-developed 15-step roadmap to prepare their organisation to plan, implement and report based on the expectations of deliverology (delivery and results) and the new Policy on Results. Why this is important? Treasury Board’s new Policy on Results came into effect July 1… Read more

Winter Policy Bundle #2

Our special “bundle” of three policy courses for the price of two includes: •    Policy 1 – Reviewing the Fundamentals (February 26) •    Policy 2 – Policy Making in a Changing Environment (March 7) •    Policy 3 – New Directions in Policy Making (March 21) Take advantage of our three one-day policy courses for the price of two at the Institute on Governance’s Learning Lab. What past participants have said about the policy bundle “Great structure, relevant material, knowledgeable instructors…. Read more

How Government Works: Toronto Workshop

This one-day program is designed for stakeholders, not-for-profit and private sector organisations who want to influence federal or provincial policy-making and program development. Who should participate in this workshop? Individuals in organisations that interact with federal or provincial governments will find this a critical introduction to the mechanisms, thinking and practices of the public sector. Participants will gain a solid understanding of how the system’s checks and balances and incentives are set up, the distinct roles of Ministers and officials… Read more

Effective Board Meetings

This webinar will be offered through a collaboration between the Institute on Governance and Dalhousie University. Effective board meetings are essential to good governance. Good meeting practices support good outcomes. We will go beyond the basics of good board meeting practices to provide some approaches, tactics and tools that will allow room for more expansive and engaging board discussions while ensuring that the fiduciary work of the board remains strong. The cost of registration for this webinar is $50. A… Read more

Role of the Board in Financial and Human Resource Leadership

This webinar will be offered through a collaboration between the Institute on Governance and Dalhousie University.  Financial oversight and human resource issues can consume much of a non-profit director’s time in both board and committee meetings. How deeply involved should board members be on these fronts, recognizing their importance in managing risk and creating a positive work environment? Is there a “right” amount of involvement across all boards and situations? What are the best practices that every board should consider… Read more

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