Lunch and Learn – Taking Science into Policy – Case Studies and Discussion

Government has made a commitment to evidence-based policy. Ministers’ Mandate Letters identify a number of Government priorities which require consideration of science in policy such as climate change, clean energy and the environment, promoting public health, protecting freshwater, legalizing marijuana, and supporting our resource sectors in operating in a responsible and sustainable manner. Responding to the challenge, the IOG has a number of courses and programs aimed at closing the science-policy gap, and is now offering a unique offering to… Read more

Leading Transformation and Change Management

A clear vision guided by strong leadership is crucial when you are forced to drive sustainable change, provide the best advice and deliver outcomes.  With current pressures, organizations of all sizes are looking for new ways to deliver on their mandates while finding operational efficiencies.  Understanding where to start, who to engage, and how to guide staff on the journey can be a complex challenge. Who should participate in this course? Managers at all levels involved in, or considering embarking… Read more

Leveraging Data Analytics for Results and Delivery: Using your performance measures

This one-day workshop is designed for managers and senior officers working in the new Results and Delivery environment.  The session picks up from our Results and Performance courses which include Delivering on ‘Deliverology’, Project and Program Management: Implementation for Delivery Excellence and Performance Measurement: Supporting Delivery of Results to provide hands-on instruction in designing Management Scorecards for monitoring performance and using the scorecard data to improve program results. The session  includes two hands-on workshops in which participants work with data… Read more

Pilot: Preparing HR Professionals for Future Leadership

Summary: This one evening and one-day HR Workshop, led by former OCHRO Assistant Secretary Ross MacLeod, is for HR employees at the EX-1 or equivalent level who want to continue adding value in future leadership positions. Preparing for HR change Designed for the past century, HR processes and procedures were built for an analogue world of ‘rowers’, and appears ill-equipped to deal with the opportunities of the digital age which require increasing numbers of ‘steerers’ that can ensure the organization… Read more

How To Make Innovation Work…and Last

The IOG is piloting a one-day workshop for leaders in the public service that focuses on how to make innovation work and last in delivering your policy agenda. The pilot builds on the IOG’s experience leading customized “innovation labs” for public sector organizations. PILOT WORKSHOP LAUNCH This pilot workshop is being offered on Tuesday March 28. It will explore how to apply innovation to achieve measurable results.  Each participant will develop an action plan for applying innovative ideas and techniques… Read more

Board Leadership: Hindsight

Hindsight is all about reflection and the Director is poised to be an inquirer. Looking back on what has been done and learning from those experiences; good and bad, are a critical part of this role. We know here that if you keep doing the same thing, you will get the same results and the Board must ask the questions to know. There is not one question here; it is asking for enough information so you understand “why”. Who should… Read more

Board Leadership: Foresight

Foresight challenges Directors to think strategically and be a strategist for the organization.  Usually an annual process, there are functions within this area of focus that require attention when looking at the current culture and when looking to leading a cultural shift.  “Do all the pieces fit?”, is the question Driectors answer in this role. Who should participate in this course? This course is designed to provide the foundational knowledge required by Board members to ensure the ongoing direction, vibrancy… Read more

Board Leadership: Insight

Insight is where the “new ideas” and changes are generated for the organization. In this role, the Director is challenged to think about relevance and takes on a validation role. If something cannont be validated in line with the broader strategic thinking, it needs to change. The question often answered here is, “Does it make sense?”. Who should participate in this course? This course is designed to provide knowledge and skills that will help Directors to participate more effectively in… Read more

Board Leadership: Oversight

The Oversight function is one of the most critical roles of every Director no matter the Board they sit on; be it private sector, government or NFP.  In this role the Director is a steward of the organization and all of its holdings, financial transactions and activities to achieve its mandate (as legislated by law – a “fudiciary”). Who should participate in this course? This course is designed to provide the foundational knowledge required by Board members to meet their… Read more

Project and Program Management: Implementation for Delivery Excellence

The government’s emphasis on Results and Delivery underscores the need for a return to basics in the way in which public servants approach policy and program design and implementation.  Project management is core to achieving the government’s priorities, turning procedural burdens into strategic tools. Public servants need to be systematic and attentive to the stages necessary to design and deliver policies and programs that will make a real difference in the lives of citizens. Participants in this course will learn… Read more

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