Board Leadership: Hindsight

Event Type: Course

Hindsight is all about reflection and the Director is poised to be an inquirer. Looking back on what has been done and learning from those experiences; good and bad, are a critical part of this role. We know here that if you keep doing the same thing, you will get the same results and the Board must ask the questions to know. There is not one question here; it is asking for enough information so you understand “why”.

Who should participate in this course?

This course is designed to provide the foundational knowledge required by Board members to understand that it is important to understand what has been done, the impact that has been made and where improvements might be needed – learning from past performance to guide future action. Anyone currently serving on a Board, who is new to a Board or who might be thinking of serving on a NFP Board will benefit from this workshop.

Hindsight specific learning objectives:

Outlining the roles, responsibilities and strategic processes of a Director in areas such as:

  • Reflecting on organizational progress against strategic objectives and goals
  • Reviewing governance structures and approaches
  • Survey the status of stakeholder relationships & community support
  • Assess the performance of the Board and Committees
  • CEO evaluation

Course fees:

The cost of this course is $275 (no HST) per person. You can sign up for all four courses for $900.00.  The price includes expert facilitation, light meal and course materials.

Series bundles: Please watch for the fall schedule to be posted.

The IOG offers tailored half-day and one-day programs designed to specifically address the learning needs of your Board.  For more information on options and pricing for delivering a tailored program for your Board, please contact Brian Huskins at or at 416-587-0868 for more details.

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