Board Best Practices Webinar Bundle

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Our special “bundle” of three webinars for a reduced price includes:

•    Webinar 1 – Effective Board Meetings (October 26)
•    Webinar 2 – Role of the Board in Financial and Human Resource Leadership (November 16)
•    Webinar 3 – What Information do Boards Really Need? (December 7)

Take advantage of our three 2-hour webinars for a reduced price, offered through a collaboration between the Institute on Governance and Dalhousie University.
Our Webinar Bundle is sequenced to jump start your thinking on the best practices for achieving effective and efficient governance for your organization. They are designed to assist Executive Directors and Board members deepen their understanding of governance best practices for non-profit boards of directors.

The discount bundle includes:

October 26: Effective Board Meetings. This session explores how good meeting practices support good outcomes.

November 16: Role of the Board in Financial and Human Resource Leadership. This session explores governance leadership practices for these two important organizational functions.

December 7: What Information do Boards Really Need? This session offers practical ideas on how the leadership of an organization can strike a balance on what the Board needs to know.

The cost of registration for this webinar bundle is $120.

For more information please contact Grant MacDonald at

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