The Institute On Governance launches the Governance Network

The Institute On Governance has launched the Governance Network (GovNet) – Canada’s first comprehensive applied research and action learning partnership on the governance of Canada’s public sector.

“As governments across the country have innovated and evolved, they have not considered the implications for good governance,” said the Institute’s President, Maryantonett Flumian. “Governments can’t be fully accountable or responsive to Canadians unless they get their governance right.”

GovNet is a multi-year project among partners at all three levels of government (federal, provincial and municipal) to collaborate on an ambitious research and training program on issues of public sector governance. GovNet will examine the important questions of governance across the full continuum of the public sector – from legislatures through to arms-length agencies, crown corporations and even third-parties delivering government programs.

GovNet launches at a juncture where Canada’s public sector faces the aftermath of the recession, as well as longer-term policy drivers such as the aging workforce and changing citizen demands of governments and politicians. GovNet partners share in the conviction that good public sector governance is pivotal to addressing these challenges.

The first meeting was held in Toronto on October 17th and included representatives of four jurisdictions and eight ministries. Partners reviewed initial position papers and set the medium term research priorities. These priorities include policy alignment across diverse portfolios, the linkages between institutional arrangements and policy functions and the applicability of new private sector governance practices to public institutions.

In parallel with GovNet, the IOG will also undertake Canada’s first-ever independent assessment of the governance of publicly owned corporations. “Publicly owned corporations are major public policy players, but their governance is hardly ever examined in a public context, ” said Ms. Flumian. The Governance Scorecard will compare the governance of public owned corporations against common criteria with the goal of identifying exemplary practices and encouraging positive change. The Governance Scorecard results will be published in 2011.

Public institutions interested in joining GovNet should contact Todd Cain, VP Crown and Organizational Governance at or 613-5620090 ext. 231.


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