The Changing Face of the Canadian Forces

Dr. Douglas Bland, speaking on the future mandate of the Canadian Forces.

Dr. Randy Plunkett, speaking on the challenges faced by veterans transitioning into a post-military life.

The Canadian Forces face challenges which are unique in the federal public sector.  Recruitment and retention of highly skilled and specialized people into the military, as well transitioning skilled people out of the military on retirement, present immediate HR issues.

This workshop explored how to develop leading edge solutions so that the Canadian Forces can build effective relationships with enlisted personnel, reservists, the private sector and other stakeholders to respond to this dynamic and changing environment.

Invited speakers will discussed the Canadian and American experiences in maintaining shared support for the military community.


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  • Catherine

    Catherine Waters

    Manager, Learning Lab

    Catherine Waters is Manager of the Learning Lab with the Institute on Governance. She has extensive experience as a consultant, researcher and instructor/facilitator in the areas of public management, public policy, organizational development and corporate governance. Catherine has a special interest in the areas of modernizing governance, citizen engagement and democratic participation, and Aboriginal governance. Catherine has co-authored articles in a number of policy journals. In the area of professional development and life-long learning, she developed and delivered distance learning for the Government of Nunavut and the Certified Management Accountants to expand access to training opportunities to a wider group of public servants.

    Catherine teaches in Carleton University’s MA program in Public Policy and Administration, on Public Management and Labour Relations & Collective Bargaining.

    Catherine previously worked in London U.K. as a Senior HR Manager for British Telecommunications plc, focusing on international business development in the US and EU and labour relations. Particular areas of interest included integration of international joint ventures, organizational change, and professional development and training.

    Catherine holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and French literature (Honours) from the University of Victoria, a Masters in Public Policy and Administration from Carleton University and an MSc in Labour Economics (With Distinction) from the London School of Economics.

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