2016 Public Governance Survey: Institute on Governance/Environics Institute

Author: Davide Cargnello

In an increasingly volatile world, Canada is a comparative oasis of peace, order, and good government. Where other countries may be seeking radical reform of their existing political orders, as suggested by the Brexit referendum in the UK and the rise of Donald Trump in the US, Canadians appear to be seeking incremental reforms to a system they believe to be functioning reasonably well. Where citizens in other countries may be radically disillusioned by their public institutions, Canadians on the… Read more

IOG Launches Results and Delivery Workshop

Author: Toby Fyfe

On July 25, the IOG, in partnership with the Performance and Planning Exchange (PPX) launched a sold-out workshop and learning event, attended by over 50 participants that explored the implications and requirements of the new Treasury Board Policy on Results that came into effect July 1. The event began with a dinner featuring three keynote speakers. Francis Bilodeau, Assistant Secretary to the Cabinet, Results and Delivery, Privy Council Office, Tolga Yalkin, Acting Executive Director, Program Performance and Evaluation Treasury Board… Read more

Democratic Reform in Canada: Online Voting, Referenda, and the Governance Ecosystem #ERRE

Author: Davide Cargnello

Maryantonett Flumian, President of the IOG, appeared before Canada’s Special Committee on Electoral Reform alongside Profs. Dennis Pilon and Jonathan Rose on July 28th, 2016. The trio were asked to provide expert testimony to the committee as it reflects on electoral reform in Canada and examines the viability of alternatives to the first-past-the-post system, as well as other means of enhancing the democratic process such as mandatory voting and online voting. Discussion was lively and committee members were engaged and… Read more

IOG Hosts the 6th Annual Jean-Pierre Gaboury Symposium

  The IOG was pleased to host participants of the 2015/16 Parliamentary Internship Programme at the 6th Annual Jean-Pierre Gaboury Symposium on Parliament in Transition. The interns presented their work to a group of 50 people consisting of their peers, elected officials, academics, public servants, alumni and researchers. The Parliamentary Interns who were selected as finalists in the production of interesting papers participated in panel sessions with the following themes.  Madalina Chesoi, Feo Snagovsky, Christina Vietinghoff and Josh Grehan discussed “Working with Parliamentarians”. Étienne… Read more

IOG partners with United Nations to advance Iraq’s ability to manage crises

Author: Maryantonett Flumian

The IOG and United Nations Development Programme announced on June 12th that they have signed an agreement in Baghdad that aims to advance Iraq’s crises management ability. The UNDP will support the IOG in the implementation of Fiscal Federalism, as well as Decentralization and Resilience Building, to help Iraq become a stable, federal democracy with sustainable economic growth. You can read the full UNDP press release by clicking here.

Photos from ELP12 visit to Iqaluit

Author: Toby Fyfe

The twelfth cohort of the IOG’s Executive Leadership Program visited Iqaluit for a week-long study tour from May 16-20.

Digital Governance: Rethinking the Role of Government in an Era of Disruption

Authors: Davide Cargnello, Maryantonett Flumian

Governments must recognize that their institutions, bureaucracies and policy frameworks designed for the 19th and 20th centuries are no longer meeting the needs of the 21st. The digital era represents an exponential shift in the pace of social, political and economic transformation. How governments respond to the radical changes brought on by the sharing economy and other digital age innovations will be a litmus test for the continued relevance of governing institutions, as well as their legitimacy and authority in… Read more

IOG hosts Iraqi delegation as part of three-year project for Global Affairs Canada

Author: Institute on Governance

The IOG is continuing its work with the Governments of Iraq and Kurdistan with a three-year project on Fiscal Decentralisation and Resiliency-Building upon receiving $7.8 million in funding from Global Affairs Canada (GAC). One of the key activities of the project is building Iraqi capacity through intensive development in design, implementation and management of fiscal arrangements in a federation. Currently, this is being carried out through a working mission of a cohort of Iraqi and Kurdistan government officials to Canada…. Read more

Executive Leadership Program Cohort 14 starts June 20

Author: Toby Fyfe

The IOG is launching the 14th cohort of its successful Executive Leadership Program (ELP) on June 20, 2016. Since its inception in 2011, over 200 participants from 31 departments and agencies have taken advantage of this unique and comprehensive opportunity to both strengthen their personal skills and support the building of a strong public service of the future. The public service is changing. The new government has an agenda that will require strong support in development, delivery and implementation. The… Read more

The IOG introduces latest cohort of the Executive Leadership Program

Author: Toby Fyfe

Tuesday March 22nd marked the start of the IOG’s thirteenth cohort of its Executive Leadership Program. Throughout this year long program, the 15 participants who are federal government executives will focus on becoming better public sector leaders in a changing government context. This will be done by exploring and understanding the new digital environment in which we find ourselves and its impact on government, evolving public sector governance, the challenges and opportunities of leadership and, a week long trip to… Read more

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