March 31: Brown Bag Session on the Pangnirtung Pilot

The Institute on Governance and Senior Associate, John Graham, hosted a brown bag lunch session on the Pangnirtung Pilot Project on Thursday March 31, 2011. Pangnirtung Pilot Inuit and First Nation communities are much more diverse in terms of basic living conditions in comparison to communities in the rest of Canada. Given this diversity, governments are beginning to adopt highly differentiated approaches for encouraging socio-economic development. Isolated communities especially require tailored approaches. Pangnirtung, with a population of just over 1300 and located on… Read more

Develop your governance experience! Apply to the 2011 Founder’s Internship

The Institute on Governance is now accepting applications for the 2011 Founder’s Internship Award. Applications will be accepted until all internships have been awarded for 2011. Recipients of the Award may take-up their internships as of May 1, 2011 with starting dates to be agreed to between the recipient and the Institute. The Founder’s Internship Award recognizes excellence in scholarship and student engagement in public sector governance. The Founder’s Internship extends the Institute’s mission of promoting good governance as a key… Read more

New IOG publication: The standing committee system and how Members of Parliament view its work

The IOG has recently made a new publication available to the public. “The Standing Committee System and How Members of Parliament View its Work” is a discussion of the current state of the Parliamentary standing committee system. The findings are based on a survey conducted in April 2010. The survey was sent to the members of six standing committees, a total of 73 Members of Parliament (MPs).   This blog is available in English only.

The Institute On Governance launches the Governance Network

The Institute On Governance has launched the Governance Network (GovNet) – Canada’s first comprehensive applied research and action learning partnership on the governance of Canada’s public sector. “As governments across the country have innovated and evolved, they have not considered the implications for good governance,” said the Institute’s President, Maryantonett Flumian. “Governments can’t be fully accountable or responsive to Canadians unless they get their governance right.” GovNet is a multi-year project among partners at all three levels of government (federal, provincial… Read more

Presenting the inaugural Annual James Fleck Lecture on Modernizing Government

Author: François Levesque

The Institute on Governance (IOG) is proud to celebrate its 20th anniversary at the centre of the exploration, development and promotion of the principles, standards and practices which underlie good governance in the public sphere, both in Canada and abroad. In honour of this anniversary, and in light of a perfect storm of technological, economic and demographic change underway around the globe, the IOG is honoured to share with you the Fleck Program on Modernizing Government, named in honour of Dr…. Read more

Watch Debate 2.0 – Envisionning Ottawa’s Future

Author: François Levesque

On October 5, 2010, the Institute On Governance and its partners hosted Debate 2.0 – Envisioning Ottawa’s future to promote greater dialogue between candidates and young Ottawans. The debate was an ambitious project that involved live audience participation as well as leveraging social media tools for broader city-wide participation. Citizens were able to send in their questions to candidates via YouTube and Twitter and turnout was a great success. The lively discussion featured Larry O’Brien, Jim Watson, Clive Doucet and… Read more

The IOG to play advisory role to South Asia network on fiscal policy and accountability

On August 8th & 9th, 2010 IOG President Maryantonett Flumian and Vice President of Partnerships and International Programming, Laura Edgar, joined a group of world renowned experts from South Asia and other leaders from the academic and government worlds for the “Collaborative Research on South Asia Tax Systems” workshop held jointly by the Governance Institutes Network International’s (GINI) and Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC) in Singapore, Indonesia. A number of organizations were present with the ultimate goal of creating a… Read more

Presenting Debate 2.0: Envisioning Ottawa’s Future

Author: François Levesque

In Ottawa, municipal politics often takes a back seat to federal affairs. Despite being closest to the people, voting rates at the municipal level have generally been abysmal in the City. Voter apathy is something that should be tackled as some of the most pressing issues of our day play out in the municipal arena. The Institute On Governance and Apartment613 are doing their part to promote greater dialogue between candidates and young Ottawans by organizing a mayoral candidates’ debate,… Read more

Promoting Good Governance across borders

IOG President Maryantonett Flumian and Vice President of Partnerships and International Programming, Laura Edgar recently met with the Thai Ministery of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Kasit Piromya to discuss ways and means to promote good governance and institution-building in Thailand. Read full story here.   This blog is available in English only.

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