IOG Supports the Transition Process in Ecuador

Sandra Naranjo, Vice President of Ecuador

Sandra Naranjo, Vice President of Ecuador

A recent initiative supported by the IOG was mentioned in an article published by EL TELÉGRAFO newspaper. Below is a translation of the original article.


For the First Time Ecuador Institutionalizes the Process of Government Transition

 Vice President Sandra Naranjo explained that an inter-institutional team was created that is in charge of the transition process of the Government, for the timely and transparent delivery of all information to the elected government that will come from the elections next February. The committee is composed of the National Secretariat of Planning, Secretariat of Public Administration and a delegate of the Presidency of the Republic. At a press conference, Naranjo said that no matter who is the winner in the next elections, the current regime is seeking that her successor can start the work as soon as possible and with all of the necessary information.

The process of collecting the information should be extended by a term of 100 days and be ready for the coming February 13, taking into account that it began last October. According to Naranjo, as it is the first time that a government has carried out this type of process, they were assisted by an international expert, from Canada, who worked with the transition team for some days. “It is important to make the achievements of these 10 years institutionalized.”

Naranjo explained that the information will be organized in three books: government, sector and presidency. In the first one, there will be a summary of the general aspects, it is thought that this book will be delivered for the next president.

The sectorial book will have the detailed information of each ministry, which will be delivered to the Secretaries of State who assume their new positions. “It includes how many people work in the ministry, what are the positions that the next minister must appoint, ongoing projects; the second part has to do with the public policies that the ministry manages.” The third book is the presidency, related to the environment of the President. This covers security, protocol, agenda, dispatching equipment. The Vice-President indicated that the second stage is the transition information, which will be given to the president-elect and his team.

“The process is going to take place between the election of the designated candidate and May 24, which is the possession of the new president,” she said. Regarding the reconstruction after the earthquake, the official said that the process will be documented, with the priority being the families affected and ensuring the continuity of this assistance, regardless of who is in power.

The Ministry of Finance pointed out that unlike the political part, it should go into details of the financing and sources to obtain such income. Naranjo reiterated the call for candidates to overcome any ideological difference and work for the good of citizenship and for a transparent and orderly transition.


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