IOG Launches Results and Delivery Workshop

On July 25, the IOG, in partnership with the Performance and Planning Exchange (PPX) launched a sold-out workshop and learning event, attended by over 50 participants that explored the implications and requirements of the new Treasury Board Policy on Results that came into effect July 1.

The event began with a dinner featuring three keynote speakers. Francis Bilodeau, Assistant Secretary to the Cabinet, Results and Delivery, Privy Council Office, Tolga Yalkin, Acting Executive Director, Program Performance and Evaluation Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat and Maryantonett Flumian, President, Institute on Governance. All three emphasized that the new government and Canadians expect the public service to deliver results on the government’s priorities and stated outcomes. The collection and use of data was underscored as key to measuring and reporting results. Equally crucial to success are horizontal collaboration within and outside government, putting the ‘I’ back into accountability and monitoring for course correction.

The following day participants heard from departments well along the Results and Delivery journey who shared best practices and lessons learned.  All presenters agreed that a significant culture change in government is needed to make Results and Delivery meaningful and for it to work. As well, they agreed that if done properly, it represents a tremendous opportunity to public servants and departments to ‘ tell their program’s performance story’.

Near the end of the day, participants were asked to develop strategies they would present to managers, deputy ministers and central agencies. The group reported their advice to ensure successful implementation of Results and Delivery would be:

To Managers

  • Manage change, promote continuous learning and recognize that performance management isn’t everything.
  • Empower staff – Results and Delivery is not a new concept and public servants have the skills to implement with the support of senior management and central agencies.
  • Address timelines – acknowledge the urgency to implement, allow for imperfections and course correction within a 1 – 3 – 10 year framework.
  • Reassign resources as necessary.

To Deputy Ministers

  • Clarify expectations and accountabilities.
  • Create the appropriate governance and structures to enable data collection and sharing.
  • Promote engagement – consult with departmental staff and implement a change communication strategy.
  • Manage change, have tolerance for risk taking, course correction and continuous improvement.

To Central Agencies

  • Encourage continuous learning – use pilot projects and first adapters for lessons learned.
  • Enable horizontal collaboration and interdepartmental communication.
  • Support engagement and collaboration outside departments – communicate with external stakeholders.

Building on the success of this workshop, and in response to the ongoing demand from public servants, the IOG has developed two new Results and Delivery courses offered on August 8 and August 11.

August 8 – “How to Prepare Your Organization for Deliverology” see

August 11 – “Building a Performance Measurement Framework” see

Discounts are available for participants who register for both courses. Contact Toby Fyfe at 613-562-0090 X 242 or


About the Authors

  • Toby

    Toby Fyfe

    Vice President - Learning Lab

    Toby Fyfe is Vice President of the Learning Lab, where he is responsible for the IOG’s educational programs and courses aimed at providing tools and insight to enhance the skills of executives and officers at all levels of government, the private and the not-for-profit sectors.

    Toby has extensive executive public sector experience in governance, service delivery, change management, and organisational design and performance. He developed the Treasury Board Alternate Service Delivery Policy and represented Canada at an OECD public management (PUMA) experts panel examining arm’s-length agency creation.

    He has worked on a number of significant governance and change management initiatives including ones for the RCMP, the Caribbean Development Bank and the creation of the Natural Resources Canada Shared Services Office.
    Toby has significant corporate communications management experience and expertise. He is an Adjunct Professor of Communication at the University of Ottawa and a former federal government head of communication. He led three studies for the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC) examining the impact of social media on public sector organisations. He was a broadcaster with CBC radio and television where he produced programs such as The HouseCross Country Checkup, and the first commercial-free version of Ottawa Morning.

    He was editor-in-chief of Canadian Government Executive magazine for five years and is a member of  IPAC.

    He writes regularly on public management issues, both in a weekly e-newsletter for Canadian Government Executive

    • 613-562-0090 ext. 242

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