IOG hosts Iraqi delegation as part of three-year project for Global Affairs Canada

The IOG is continuing its work with the Governments of Iraq and Kurdistan with a three-year project on Fiscal Decentralisation and Resiliency-Building upon receiving $7.8 million in funding from Global Affairs Canada (GAC).

One of the key activities of the project is building Iraqi capacity through intensive development in design, implementation and management of fiscal arrangements in a federation. Currently, this is being carried out through a working mission of a cohort of Iraqi and Kurdistan government officials to Canada. The IOG is wrapping up its week hosting the first of six such cohorts in Ottawa today. There will be roughly 20 participants for each of the six cohorts that will visit Canada staggered throughout the 3-year project. These missions will expose participants to the roles and responsibilities of elected and senior officials in a federal Parliamentary democracy. As occurred this week, the Iraqi and Kurdistan government officials that participate in these visits will meet with Canadian Federal Parliamentarians and senior officials to discuss comparable issues related to the authorities, powers and responsibilities granted to the Federal government and regions under the Iraqi constitution.

The Fiscal Decentralisation and Resiliency-Building project started in the fall of 2015. The IOG has begun working with the Federal Government of Iraq (GOI), the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the provinces to adapt the best practices, relationships, and institutions of federal states to help transition the country from a highly centralized form of government to a federal parliamentary democracy. IOG staff have offices in Baghdad and Erbil, and local staff have been hired to assist with research, needs assessments, and project management. This work with GAC will carry on through to December 15, 2018.

GAC is funding this project in order to achieve two main objectives: 1) assist the GOI, the KRG and other governorates to stabilize their fiscal and program responsibilities and relationship through the design, implementation and management of predictable and sustainable intergovernmental fiscal transfer programs supporting more rapid decentralization; and 2) assist by strengthening capacity to manage the current humanitarian crisis in the near and long-term.

The Institute on Governance has been working in Iraq since 2011 on several projects, including building capacity for senior public service executives – a Senior Executive Service – funded by the UNDP.



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