IOG Hosts the 6th Annual Jean-Pierre Gaboury Symposium

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The IOG was pleased to host participants of the 2015/16 Parliamentary Internship Programme at the 6th Annual Jean-Pierre Gaboury Symposium on Parliament in Transition. The interns presented their work to a group of 50 people consisting of their peers, elected officials, academics, public servants, alumni and researchers. The Parliamentary Interns who were selected as finalists in the production of interesting papers participated in panel sessions with the following themes.  Madalina Chesoi, Feo Snagovsky, Christina Vietinghoff and Josh Grehan discussed “Working with Parliamentarians”. Étienne Grandmaison, Alice Trudelle and Bryan Heystee discussed “Federalism in Practice”. Jordan Storozuk, Gabrielle de Billy Brown, Yves Dushimimana discussed “Democratic Reform”. Marc Bosc, Clerk of the House of Commons, concluded the symposium with a lunch address discussing “The Year in Parliament”.  We wish them much success with the completion of their work and programme.



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