A new way of visualizing the IOG Governance Continuum

Author: Todd Cain

Our Governance Continuum continues to win converts with its descriptive and analytical power. As we’ve shared it more widely in our leadership programs, speaking engagements and advisory work, leaders across the broader public sector have gained a much more systemic understanding of power and relationships in the modern public sector. They’ve understood some of the sources of friction between players and, critically, learned strategies to work more effectively across the public sector.

Like a lot of things, much of modern public governance is about trying to have our cake and eat it to.  We want institutions that are deeply specialized, but can still understand the larger agenda. We want agencies that act independently, but not too independently. We want crown corporations that act with commercial instincts, but still meet public sector norms of behaviour. The Continuum helps unpack these issues and map out the respective accountabilities across the system.

With so much insight packed into one model, we’ve developed an infographic to guide leaders through the key ideas we used to build the Governance Continuum – integrating horizontal and vertical views of government, looking at policy function, balancing institutional and less formal relationships.

Check it out and let us know what you think, and for more information on the Public Governance Exchange, check out our PGEx page.

Governance Continuum Infographic

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About the Authors

  • Tim Gauthier

    Tim Gauthier

    Director, Research

    Tim Gauthier has over 5 experience in knowledge gathering and qualitative research with various clients in the not-for-profit sector and of all levels of government in the knowledge areas of board and organizational governance, organizational effectiveness, public sector governance and indigenous governance. He has undertaken work for clients such as Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada,  The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Champlain Local Health and Integration Network, and the National Aboriginal Capital Corporations Association, providing advisory  services such as  facilitated workshops, board assessments, comparative research and case studies, document reviews, and stakeholder interviews.

    In his time as  Governance Analyst at the Royal  College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, Tim was responsible for providing high-quality  analytical  and advisory services for the overall health of the organization’s governance ecosystem. Tim led several initiatives that called for extensive collaboration with stakeholders, including  a subsidiary governance strategic review, a board and committee orientation and education.

    Among other initiatives, Tim is currently focused on  the IOG’s Indigenous research efforts.

    • 613-562-0090 ext. 233

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