IOG Policy Brief No. 19: Stewardship, Good Governance and Ethics

As the IOG discovered in a survey of common usages of the term ‘stewardship’ in various contexts around the world, the term has gained currency in a wide variety of policy debates – particularly around environmental, product, and technological stewardship – but there is remarkably little consistency to the concept’s meaning. This policy brief clarifies the meaning of ‘stewardship’ by: (1) outlining common current usages; (2) illustrating the problems with inconsistent usages in the context of biotechnology in Canada; and… Read more

Biotechnology Forum II : Stewardship: What Is It, and Who Is the Steward?

This summary provides an overview of the second forum session in IOG’s Biotechnology and Governance Program. Attended by over 60 senior managers in the federal government, as well as representatives of academe, civil society, media and industry, the event focused on the challenges biotechnology has presented to the regulatory framework and stewardship responsibilities of government.

Current Uses of the Notion ‘Stewardship': Survey and Preliminary Analysis in the Canadian Biotechnology Context

There is much confusion about the usage of the term ‘stewardship’ in the Canadian biotechnology context, and attempts are being made to reconceptualize the term. This paper, commissioned by Health Canada, provides background information by providing a catalogue of the various stewardship concepts utilized in Canada and internationally, particularly as they relate to the regulatory context and the biotechnology sector. It also contain a brief theoretical examination and ethical analysis of the current use of ‘stewardship.’

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