Lessons from the CropLife Canada Plant Biotechnology Code of Practice and a Comparison to Alternatives

This paper offers a short comparison of the CropLife Plant Biotechnology Code of Practice to the Queensland model and to the BIOTECanada Statement of Ethical Principles. It examines comparative strengths and weaknesses of the CropLife Code, and gives special consideration to CropLife Code’s compliance policy. Investigating this aspect of CropLife’s code facilitates a clearer understanding of the pros and cons of the approaches taken to develop and implement this code of practice and helps to identify implications for a proposed… Read more

Development and Effectiveness of the Queensland Model

There has been considerable interest in the Queensland Code for Biotechnology since its implementation in June 2001. In Canada, the Queensland Code has been considered a possible model for a Canadian Code for Biotechnology. To examine the development and effectiveness of this model, interviews were conducted with a number of stakeholders in Queensland, including representatives of industry, government and academic research. This report presents the results of these interviews and reports on the impact of the Code on biotechnology in… Read more

The Queensland Model from an NGO Perspective

This IOG report expands on a preference analysis conducted in an earlier paper, Is the Queensland Code For Biotechnology a Good Model for Canada? A Preliminary Analysis. Drawing on additional interviews with representatives of NGOs and public interest groups regarding a possible code for biotechnology, it concludes that support for a possible code among this group is, for the most part, conditional and may require a code with a different scope.

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