Harper’s bid to stack the public service should be blocked — no exceptions

iPolitics recently revealed that the outgoing Harper government made 49 future appointments averaging 81 days between the time of the election and the time the appointment was scheduled to go into effect. While a review of past appointments shows outgoing governments sometimes make appointments that take effect in the days after an election, none came anywhere close to the scale of what Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office did in the final days of his government. View the remainder of the… Read more

IOG welcomes new Executive Leadership Program cohort

  On Monday November 23rd, the IOG welcomed 15 new participants for the launch of the twelfth cohort of its Executive Leadership Program. Throughout this year long program, these federal government executives will focus on becoming better public sector leaders in a new government context. This will be done by exploring and understanding the new digital environment in which we find ourselves and its impact on government, evolving public sector governance and, the challenges and opportunities of leadership.  We look… Read more

IOG returns to Iraq to help transform public service

President Maryantonett Flumian is leading another Institute on Governance contingent to Iraq this week, where they will be working with officials in Erbil to finalize the design of a Senior Executive Service (SES) system for the Regional Government of Kurdistan (KRG). Implementation of the SES system will involve developing senior executives who can lead the transformation to a modern public service in the KRG. The aim is to create a modern, representative, and merit-based leadership group. The IOG is assisting… Read more

Has the public service lost its way?

In the March 5th issue of the Ottawa Citizen, Professor Donald Savoie identified a host of pressing concerns about the role and future of Canada’s public service, which he believes has lost its way. As Savoie sees it, decades of reforms aimed at making government operate in a more business-like way – known to wonks as the New Public Management – have completely backfired.  Promises of a nimbler, more efficient public sector have translated into costly and oppressive oversight and… Read more

The New Face of the Public Service

The federal public service faces an increasingly competitive environment with respect to recruitment and retention of the top talent of the younger, tech-savvy generation. Join us in identifying and developing solutions to promote the public service as an employer of choice that will be better able to attract and keep talent in this competitive market. Invited speakers will explore how the cloud is changing the workplace and how the government can improve its branding.  A facilitated session will follow. Here… Read more

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