So how are those ‘sunny ways’ working out so far?

While the pundits have mostly completed their prognostications regarding the new government’s fortunes in the year ahead, in the area of public governance many challenges still lie in wait for the Trudeau Liberals that could have an impact on the success of their agenda. Our new prime minister has placed a good deal of emphasis on the open and collaborative style that his government plans to pursue — the celebrated “sunny ways”. And while tone in public sector engagement matters,… Read more

IOG and Environics Institute research generates healthy debates across the country

In 2014, the IOG partnered with the Environics Institute to conduct a landmark national public opinion survey on governance and the public service. Our goal was to better understand what the public expects from governments, and how well citizens believe their country, province and local municipality are governed. The results of the research were originally released in late December in a series of in-depth articles written by Ottawa Citizen journalist Kathryn May and subsequently published in several national newspapers. The… Read more

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