Speaking about the Speech: An IOG and Parliamentary Intern Discussion on the Speech from the Throne

The Institute on Governance believes in several guiding values and principles of governance but understands that the concept and its definition differ from context to context. The Speech from the Throne is one of the cornerstones of democratic governance in Canada. It serves as a document that leads the government’s decision-making process and informs the public about the principles and priorities that will direct the policy agenda of the next session of Parliament. On Friday, October 18, 2013, a group… Read more

Executive Backbenchers or Political Nobodies? The Role of Parliamentary Secretaries in Canada

This paper examines the evolving role of the “Parliamentary Secretary” in the Canadian Parliamentary system and offers suggestions for reforming the function. This paper is the winner of the first annual IOG-sponsored Alf Hales Award, which promotes research excellence and young people’s understanding of governance issues by recognizing the research produced by Canadian Parliamentary Interns.

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