PGEx Workshop on Oversight in the Public Sector

The Institute on Governance is hosting a Public Governance Exchange (PGEx) workshop on “Oversight in the Public Sector” on November 27. This workshop will bring together governance experts and officials from government departments and arm’s-length organizations. Participants will examine both the federal and Ontario experiences. This event will draw on PGEx’s work in the related areas of risk and oversight, give participants an opportunity to share experiences and insights, and help shape the forward agenda for PGEx research. The workshop… Read more

PGEx Learning Conference: Oversight in the public sector; fostering effective relationships

On March 27 to 28, IOG’s Public Governance Exchange (PGEx) will present a two-day learning conference on oversight relationships in the public sector. This event will bring together senior officials and recognized subject-matter experts from both within and outside government for a multi-faceted, in-depth examination of oversight practices across the Canadian public sector. Balanced and effective oversight is critical to the success of any organization, but plays a distinctive role in the public sector. Public sector organizations, even those with… Read more

Executive Perspectives on Balance in Oversight and Accountability

The Institute on Governance (IOG) is working to facilitate a dialogue on the evolving balance in accountability and oversight, reporting burden and the relationship between Agents of Parliament and the public service. The superstructure of rules, oversight and independent “guardians” has been growing since Program Review and HRDC’s grants and contributions controversy. Many of the resultant institutional arrangements and policy instruments are reaching a point of maturity. Several years into this focus on public accountability, now is a good time… Read more

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