Aboriginal Community Development Experts Symposium Summary Report

This report is a summary of the second of a series of symposiums organized by the Sustainable Communities Directorate of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC). The purpose of the symposium was to stimulate discussion between community development experts from across the country and to explore strategies to integrate First Nations, Métis, and Inuit community development principles and approaches with government programs and policies.

Reframing the Issues: Emerging Questions for Métis, Non-Status Indian and Urban Aboriginal Policy Research

Since the 1950s, the Aboriginal peoples of Canada have become increasingly urban. Originally the result of migration from reserves, urbanization has increasingly become the result of “ethnic mobility” and natural increase within cities. Urban Aboriginal populations now comprise roughly half of all Aboriginal people in Canada today, in particular Non-Status Indian and Métis populations (who are roughly 75% and 69% urban, respectively). These demographic facts raise a host of policy issues that, for the most part, neither scholarship nor policy-makers have… Read more

Thoughts on Métis Economic Development

The thought experiment in this paper was conducted in order to come up with some rational limits on settling any possible outstanding obligation to the Métis and to think about how such a settlement might be used in the context of Métis economic development. It was from thinking about Métis economic development that the notion of capitalizing an economic development trust fund arose that could address the need for access to capital. Perhaps, if political conditions ever provided an impetus, elements of the paper could… Read more

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