IOG and Environics Institute research generates healthy debates across the country

In 2014, the IOG partnered with the Environics Institute to conduct a landmark national public opinion survey on governance and the public service. Our goal was to better understand what the public expects from governments, and how well citizens believe their country, province and local municipality are governed. The results of the research were originally released in late December in a series of in-depth articles written by Ottawa Citizen journalist Kathryn May and subsequently published in several national newspapers. The… Read more

IOG now accepting nominations for popular Executive Leadership Program launching in June

The Institute on Governance is proud to announce it is accepting nominations for the eighth cohort of its successful one-year Executive Leadership Program to be launched on June 23 and 24, 2014.  This year-long professional development program is designed for committed public service executives at the EX-1 and equivalent level who want to broaden their competencies and improve their leadership skills. ELP SUPPORTS ORGANIZATIONAL NEEDS With Blueprint 2020, the Clerk of the Privy Council has indicated that preparing for a… Read more

Speaking about the Speech: An IOG and Parliamentary Intern Discussion on the Speech from the Throne

The Institute on Governance believes in several guiding values and principles of governance but understands that the concept and its definition differ from context to context. The Speech from the Throne is one of the cornerstones of democratic governance in Canada. It serves as a document that leads the government’s decision-making process and informs the public about the principles and priorities that will direct the policy agenda of the next session of Parliament. On Friday, October 18, 2013, a group… Read more

Defining Governance

What is Governance? The complexity of governance is difficult to capture in a simple definition. The need for governance exists anytime a group of people come together to accomplish an end. Though the governance literature proposes several definitions, most rest on three dimensions: authority, decision-making and accountability. At the Institute, our working definition of governance reflects these dimensions: Governance determines who has power, who makes decisions, how other players make their voice heard and how account is rendered. Ultimately, the… Read more

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