IOG Supports the Centre for the Prevention of Radicalization in Baghdad

In its convening role, the Institute on Governance (IOG) supported the participation of the world renowned, Montréal-based Centre for the Prevention of Radicalization Leading to Violence (CPRLV) at a conference in Baghdad this past March on the topic “Education in Iraq post Daesh-ISIL Terror”. This collaboration was conducted under the auspices of the resiliency-building component of the IOG’s Iraqi program funded by Global Affairs Canada. CPRLV is the first independent, UN-recognized, non-profit organization aimed at preventing violent radicalization and providing support to individuals… Read more

IOG partners with United Nations to advance Iraq’s ability to manage crises

The IOG and United Nations Development Programme announced on June 12th that they have signed an agreement in Baghdad that aims to advance Iraq’s crises management ability. The UNDP will support the IOG in the implementation of Fiscal Federalism, as well as Decentralization and Resilience Building, to help Iraq become a stable, federal democracy with sustainable economic growth. You can read the full UNDP press release by clicking here.

IOG hosts Iraqi delegation as part of three-year project for Global Affairs Canada

The IOG is continuing its work with the Governments of Iraq and Kurdistan with a three-year project on Fiscal Decentralisation and Resiliency-Building upon receiving $7.8 million in funding from Global Affairs Canada (GAC). One of the key activities of the project is building Iraqi capacity through intensive development in design, implementation and management of fiscal arrangements in a federation. Currently, this is being carried out through a working mission of a cohort of Iraqi and Kurdistan government officials to Canada…. Read more

IOG returns to Iraq to help transform public service

President Maryantonett Flumian is leading another Institute on Governance contingent to Iraq this week, where they will be working with officials in Erbil to finalize the design of a Senior Executive Service (SES) system for the Regional Government of Kurdistan (KRG). Implementation of the SES system will involve developing senior executives who can lead the transformation to a modern public service in the KRG. The aim is to create a modern, representative, and merit-based leadership group. The IOG is assisting… Read more

IOG to Iraq: Modernizing Government with International Partnerships

Building off of previous collaborations with Iraq, as part of the United Nations Development Program, the IOG traveled to Iraq this February with the goal of providing information to the Iraqi and Kurdistan Region governments on the design of a Senior Executive Service (SES) governance model. An SES is described as the cadre of senior officials holding top-level management positions in a bureaucracy. The SES consists of officials who are focused on results and have the capacity to assess requirements,… Read more

Modernizing government in Iraq: An IOG, UN and Iraqi government collaboration

IOG President Maryantonett Flumian with Sheikh Mansour Tamimi, Deputy Chair of the Iraqi Parliamentary Committee on Regions and Governorates, following two days of meetings between the Institute on Governance and the Committee focused on finalizing the Iraqi legislation on federal-provincial relations. The Institute is on a 3 week mission in Iraq as part of the UNDP and UNESCWA’s Public Service Modernization Program in Iraq.   This blog is available in English only.

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