Join us for the “Beyond Section 35″ Symposium in Vancouver

Both the anniversary of Section 35 and the dialogue emerging from Idle No More creates an opportunity to consider the substantial impact the recognition of existing Aboriginal and treaty rights has had on altering both federal/provincial law and policy regarding Indigenous Peoples and Indigenous governance in Canadian society. The BC Treaty Commission and the New Relationship Trust, working with the Institute on Governance, will host a two-day symposium bringing together Indigenous and non-Indigenous leaders to talk about the successes and… Read more

“Beating the Constitutional Reform Drum” – A look back at the Beyond Section 35 Conferences

Over three decades have passed since the enactment of Section 35 of the Constitution Act. While many Indigneous groups have already, or are currently, engaged in strengthening their own governance structures and exercising greater control over traditional land and resources, few would dispute that the full potential for a changed relationship with Canada created by Section 35 has not yet been realized. The Institute on Governance recognized the need to commemorate this groundbreaking recognition of rights, while at the same time capitalize on the… Read more

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