IOG Policy Brief No. 19: Stewardship, Good Governance and Ethics

As the IOG discovered in a survey of common usages of the term ‘stewardship’ in various contexts around the world, the term has gained currency in a wide variety of policy debates – particularly around environmental, product, and technological stewardship – but there is remarkably little consistency to the concept’s meaning. This policy brief clarifies the meaning of ‘stewardship’ by: (1) outlining common current usages; (2) illustrating the problems with inconsistent usages in the context of biotechnology in Canada; and… Read more

Real and Metaphorical Moral Limits in the Biotech Debate

Originally published in Nature Biotechnology, this paper has now been anthologized in a book by Michael Ruse and David Castle entitled Genetically Modified Foods, New York: Prometheus Books. It examines the ethical debate surrounding modern biotechnology from the process vs. product perspective, arguing that fully understanding these two viewpoints is crucial to moving the debate ahead.

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