Watch Debate 2.0 – Envisionning Ottawa’s Future

On October 5, 2010, the Institute On Governance and its partners hosted Debate 2.0 – Envisioning Ottawa’s future to promote greater dialogue between candidates and young Ottawans. The debate was an ambitious project that involved live audience participation as well as leveraging social media tools for broader city-wide participation. Citizens were able to send in their questions to candidates via YouTube and Twitter and turnout was a great success. The lively discussion featured Larry O’Brien, Jim Watson, Clive Doucet and… Read more

Presenting Debate 2.0: Envisioning Ottawa’s Future

In Ottawa, municipal politics often takes a back seat to federal affairs. Despite being closest to the people, voting rates at the municipal level have generally been abysmal in the City. Voter apathy is something that should be tackled as some of the most pressing issues of our day play out in the municipal arena. The Institute On Governance and Apartment613 are doing their part to promote greater dialogue between candidates and young Ottawans by organizing a mayoral candidates’ debate,… Read more

Make Your Voice Heard as Ottawa Goes to The Polls this Fall!

With the Ottawa municipal elections fast approaching, the Institute On Governance (IOG) and Ottawa blog Apartment613 have decided to jointly put together an exciting event to engage Ottawa’s citizens on municipal issues. To promote active citizenship and to encourage electoral participation among Ottawa’s youth, there will be a specific focus on young Canadian voters. As the mayoralty race takes shape, the partners will organize a live, in person mayoral candidates’ debate that will leverage a number of new social media technologies. Throughout the upcoming… Read more

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