IOG Policy Brief No. 26: Accountability in a Federal State: How Canada Stacks Up

This policy brief is based on IOG’s longer research paper on accountability in a democratic federation. The brief explores the nature of accountability in a federal state and the challenges and prospects it holds for Canada. It looks at how Canada stacks up against other federations and examines various strategies for improvement.

Accountability in a Federal State: Challenges and Prospects for Canada

Originally written for the Privy Council Office, this research paper explores the nature of accountability in a democratic federation and the challenges and prospects it holds for Canada. The study looks at how Canada stacks up against other federations, and analyzes the various strategies and factors that need to be considered in implementing or establishing accountability in a federal state.

Relationships between First Nations and the Forest Industry: The Legal and Policy Context

Written for three sponsoring organizations – the National Aboriginal Forestry Association (NAFA), the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC), and the First Nations Forestry Program (FNFP) – this paper outlines the legal and policy context affecting relationships between First Nations and the forest industry in Canada. It provides a broad contextual overview as well as detailed analyses of each provincial and territorial context, and a number of conclusions and recommendations for effectively improving First Nations forest sector participation. The analysis… Read more

Strengthening Social Policy: Lessons on forging government-civil society policy partnerships

This book analyses a series of innovative experiences in Southeast Asia and Canada, which succeeded through the joint efforts of government and civil society. It focuses on lessons learned that can help social policy partnerships across the world and includes actual case studies that were developed by experts in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Canada. The publication also explores the meaning of partnership and looks at the challenges and opportunities involved in partnership across the globe. The project was… Read more

Is Parliamentary Reform Democratic Reform?

This paper was the winner of the 2004 Alf Hales research award, handed out each year to the best paper on the parliamentary system written by a Parliamentary Intern. Written as the third chapter of a book on the democratic deficit, it aims to distinguish between parliamentary reform, which changes the rules, and democratic reform, which changes the game itself.

Options for Commercial Enterprises in First Nations

Originally prepared for Pictou Landing First Nation, this paper provides a useful tool for First Nations in managing the commercial fishing licenses and fishing equipment resulting from the Marshall Response Initiative Program. Based on five case studies, UN-based governance principles and the research of the Kennedy School of Government, it explores the linkages between sound governance and commercial entities.

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