So how are those ‘sunny ways’ working out so far?

While the pundits have mostly completed their prognostications regarding the new government’s fortunes in the year ahead, in the area of public governance many challenges still lie in wait for the Trudeau Liberals that could have an impact on the success of their agenda. Our new prime minister has placed a good deal of emphasis on the open and collaborative style that his government plans to pursue — the celebrated “sunny ways”. And while tone in public sector engagement matters,… Read more

Executive Perspectives on Balance in Oversight and Accountability

The Institute on Governance (IOG) is working to facilitate a dialogue on the evolving balance in accountability and oversight, reporting burden and the relationship between Agents of Parliament and the public service. The superstructure of rules, oversight and independent “guardians” has been growing since Program Review and HRDC’s grants and contributions controversy. Many of the resultant institutional arrangements and policy instruments are reaching a point of maturity. Several years into this focus on public accountability, now is a good time… Read more

IOG Policy Brief No. 26: Accountability in a Federal State: How Canada Stacks Up

This policy brief is based on IOG’s longer research paper on accountability in a democratic federation. The brief explores the nature of accountability in a federal state and the challenges and prospects it holds for Canada. It looks at how Canada stacks up against other federations and examines various strategies for improvement.

Forum on Municipal Governance and Accountability: A Summary Report

This report summarizes the Forum on Municipal Governance and Accountability, which was held on June15, 2006 in anticipation of the upcoming civic election in Ottawa (November 2006). The event brought together a diverse group of citizens — community leaders, academics, former politicians, current and former auditors general —to discuss the challenges associated with securing sound governance and accountability at the municipal level. The Forum was convened by the Institute On Governance in collaboration with the University of Ottawa Centre on… Read more

Auditing for Accountability: The Role of the Auditor General

This paper examines the role of the Office of the Auditor General in the accountability regime of Canadian Parliamentary government. Aucoin assesses the growing mandate of the OAG and argues that its recommendations should be grounded in a clearer understanding of the dynamics of managing institutions and public services.

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