Has the public service lost its way?

In the March 5th issue of the Ottawa Citizen, Professor Donald Savoie identified a host of pressing concerns about the role and future of Canada’s public service, which he believes has lost its way. As Savoie sees it, decades of reforms aimed at making government operate in a more business-like way – known to wonks as the New Public Management – have completely backfired.  Promises of a nimbler, more efficient public sector have translated into costly and oppressive oversight and… Read more

A new way of visualizing the IOG Governance Continuum

Our Governance Continuum continues to win converts with its descriptive and analytical power. As we’ve shared it more widely in our leadership programs, speaking engagements and advisory work, leaders across the broader public sector have gained a much more systemic understanding of power and relationships in the modern public sector. They’ve understood some of the sources of friction between players and, critically, learned strategies to work more effectively across the public sector. Like a lot of things, much of modern… Read more

Building better boards with your help

The Institute on Governance is looking for your assistance in distributing this invitation to participate in a national, bilingual survey. This research is on a critical but understudied topic in the good governance of not-for-profit and related organizations – the leadership role of a board of directors in stakeholder relations. The aim of this Institute on Governance survey is to identify board-level models, practices and tools that will help not-for-profit and related boards carry out their responsibilities in this area…. Read more

PGEx Learning Forum – The Governance Continuum: Increasing Accountability and Performance in Times of Fiscal Restraint

Growing fiscal pressures and the ongoing need to demonstrate performance to elected leaders and the public are challenging Public Sector leaders. While these issues are no less critical than before the recession, leaders must now consider this new environment. In this context, success for Public Sector leaders calls for a greater understanding of the changing nature of organizational accountability. New insights on the governance of the Canadian public sector are required. The IOG’s Governance Continuum© is a dynamic tool that accommodates… Read more

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