Policy Brief No. 30: Shared Governance: Innovation in the Health Sector

This policy brief looks at an institutional innovation that has been developed over the past decade to improve coordination among F/P/T governments and other stakeholders in the health sector. Drawing on case studies of six coordinating health organizations, the paper examines the challenges inherent to “shared governance”, including issues of board composition, representation, and accountability.

The New Rules of the Board Game: The Changing World of Corporate Governance and Its Implications for Multilateral Development Institutions

This paper reviews recent developments in corporate governance and considers their relevance to the governance of Multilateral Development Institutions (MDIs). It suggests that recent developments in the private sector contain useful insights for MDIs. Although MDIs are different from business corporations in important respects, their ability to get governance right will have a significant bearing on the achievement of development aims and the reduction of poverty around the world.

IOG Policy Brief No. 15: Principles for Good Governance in the 21st Century

This policy brief is based on a larger research project exploring the application of UN principles of good governance to protected areas. Developed initially in an environmental context, the principles are nonetheless widely applicable. The paper has received excellent reviews from academics and government officials in Canada, Australia and Europe. The original paper was prepared for the Fifth World Parks Congress in South Africa under the auspices of Parks Canada and CIDA.

Governance Principles for Protected Areas in the 21st Century

A thought-provoking look at the principles of good governance, this paper was written in collaboration with Parks Canada and the Canadian International Development Agency for the Fifth World Parks Congress, held in South Africa in September 2003. It received enthusiastic reviews such as: “watershed paper” and “a very thoughtful and comprehensive report…a substantive and original contribution to the field”.

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