A new way of visualizing the IOG Governance Continuum

Our Governance Continuum continues to win converts with its descriptive and analytical power. As we’ve shared it more widely in our leadership programs, speaking engagements and advisory work, leaders across the broader public sector have gained a much more systemic understanding of power and relationships in the modern public sector. They’ve understood some of the sources of friction between players and, critically, learned strategies to work more effectively across the public sector. Like a lot of things, much of modern… Read more

Case Study: The Governance Continuum and the Canadian Wheat Board: 1965-2017

The purpose of this study is to analyze the changes across the Canadian Wheat Board’s three governance periods using an autonomy index developed by the IOG and comparatively map these results along the IOG’s Governance Continuum. The study supports the expectation that the level of autonomy accorded to an organization will be calibrated to organizational function.

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