IOG Supports Indonesian University Leaders

The Institute on Governance proudly delivered a 5-day intensive learning program on governance and leadership in early December to senior leaders from Indonesian universities and the Government of the Republic of Indonesia as a part of a broader four-week course that took the group across Canada. Participants learned about Canadian models of, and approaches to, governance, management and leadership in Canadian universities and benefited from site visits and meetings that gave them direct access to Canadian approaches in practice. These… Read more

IOG Research Officer Supports the World Bank Group Youth Summit

On October 7th IOG Research Officer Maria Habanikova attended the Work Bank Group Youth Summit in Washington D.C. Here is Maria’s first hand account of her experience. The Youth Summit Chair was an opportunity for 300 youth representatives, students, and young professionals to reflect on key issues affecting governance ranging from corruption, lack of transparency, and distrust in governments, and to consider youth’s capacity to strengthen the mechanisms of accountability. Research shows that youth supports open government and is interested… Read more

IOG Supports Open Government Grand Bazaar

The IOG’s banner was proudly displayed at the Open Government Grand Bazaar at Ottawa City Hall on the evening of Tuesday, September 16th. The event marked the conclusion of Richard Pietro’s Open Government Tour across Canada. Represented at the Bazaar were many public sector, private and non-profit organizations whose work revolves – in one way or another – around local and federal governance, information sharing, the role of government, and citizen engagement. Alongside the Institute on Governance, booths from the… Read more

Speaking about the Speech: An IOG and Parliamentary Intern Discussion on the Speech from the Throne

The Institute on Governance believes in several guiding values and principles of governance but understands that the concept and its definition differ from context to context. The Speech from the Throne is one of the cornerstones of democratic governance in Canada. It serves as a document that leads the government’s decision-making process and informs the public about the principles and priorities that will direct the policy agenda of the next session of Parliament. On Friday, October 18, 2013, a group… Read more

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